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  • 00:00: hello girls today surprised with you here is such a first flap tamponade for this is a snowflake normal acute kanzashi petal we will do it from White Ribbon size to 4 centimeters cut the square 4 4 and do a simple lepestochek slazhivaem
  • 00:30: then diagonally half and once again in two Here's a petal We get cut off little corners that dub and in rovnenky anchoring lighter further cut the bottom
  • 01:03: obliquely and melts the edge we already petal ready next Petal that we it is required such as acute lepestochek but he will we be It has two colors is blue and white
  • 01:33: ribbons should be a width of 5 cm cut into squares 2 blue size 5 is obtained at 5 and 1 Belenky this same size slazhivaem blue ribbon on
  • 02:05: then diagonally half and little corner ban lit available later it was easier to work the same way we do and with the rest squares Now after we
  • 02:47: made here such triangles we take immediately golubenky then the triangle We are building on top little white backing somewhere one millimeter That's how the top We are building again golubenky like this way and slazhivaem half as a regular sharp petal Here's a petal from
  • 03:21: we should turn further comparing all corners to Rolling we had the edge anchoring lighter exactly the same with cut the bottom and anchoring
  • 03:58: Here's a petal from We had a such petals we need make 6 pieces etc. we need to collect these flower petals for this I stringing them on thread bottom and top I I will bisect
  • 04:29: from the edge to be enter 1 millimeter somewhere associate uzelochek
  • 05:07: So so we have a flower that he is ready to Grindal
  • 05:38: farther etc. but these here simple little white petals should gather here because of 3 things to do this I I will use thermo-adhesive as the a little bit of glue and I glue the two lobes together then take these to sound if a
  • 06:14: both sides Well then I shoot between petals and glue so that's
  • 06:51: here are those zagotovochek we need make 6 pieces six employ dots Next, I stuck together a two piece ribbons simple transparent purpose adhesive and cut here such circle it will have basis under the flower and Now afloat on edges etc. our glue
  • 07:28: Flower on the basis of we will use hot melt if you use hot melt try once paste it rovnenko because and then I jump off heavy if you are not sure that you can sticking exactly to and have time to kill petals on flowers then use adhesive which is not as dries quickly but well kept like this
  • 08:20: we will further stick our here between these zagotovochki these petals here pasting will slightly lower here so Here we will stick This white petals on our foundation is Now here it can be seen here so stick day it would be this wild below we like this like this in the same way
  • 10:26: glue of the three sides so I it his feminine petals on snowflake almost so it is ready It looks feedback side see here must be exactly with this side of it, as it were It is a substitution Further, it remains stick only midway to our snowflakes for to be beautiful I made here such here seredinku such a flower so you strazik you can use
  • 10:56: any type of glue for This will also use thermo-adhesive Well that's all reduced
  • 11:32: NER is prepared well, there all