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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends with you again elena Balaban and a previous ru lessons we are doing here is such a sympathetic lepestochek and today I want you show his You can apply any From it you can do floret I made 6 I think petals We have enough for one flower so I took such black stamens if there is pink
  • 00:31: also be very good combination black with pink up to our flower and took Now this. Here, too, my applied therefore so that we first all do First we collect Our flower in we collect it you not on the basis of but simply will gather among themselves So we have a flower
  • 01:34: now we are ready do decoration means it I took just such a black featherbed us Of course, such a large We do not need a cut off from and leave this here this is now we are We use you then select it here small bunch grasp to prune we get
  • 02:08: so now well check how we kept and secured using thermo-adhesive a little more add so you just did
  • 02:40: not dropped so on the essentially the same reason for doing points and rank points choose small puchochek a neat prune it with assistance Thermo glue and so hot be very cautious you can do it
  • 03:14: pintsetikom so all basically tychinochki ready and we need to do here such a neat ones tick-tock expensive Friends on that I can do nothing Now we take here such here Clip I have this barrette Trent rep ribbon but you You can take simple hairpin on her then We need optime trend th and plus if necessary make a good basis
  • 03:44: here on the flower so so we will Now do now we do here up to the middle of a using glue, we glue first feathers then up tychinochki well and so
  • 04:14: presses and now the top further strengthen tychinochki above also good cuddle and a little bit of time We give them to cool down so that we will continue to to do so as we to
  • 04:45: the flowers framework I will not do I think that is very it would be nice attach it like this here is how the two along Now these petals plus no glue and Tarmo better to take here such that's the time to glue probably already have Now that the means do we smear I write this you It will take a little longer time, but I'm telling you There are two options, or
  • 05:15: or you simply do a good foundation and Glue thermal adhesive or just take in point crystal and doing already without as so attach and at some time man presses press fingers It can be something neatly make only not accurately or carried away
  • 05:45: so everything is good stuck holding well and the last what we need of course do we need seredinochku today I I chose just now a little black stratig He smeared his course Glue the moment and also little hold good to cu clutched that's all expensive
  • 06:20: our friends pretty Clip with such Now new petals ready I hope it is to you liked, if so certainly put his husky and write sure their comments you think we krasivenkoy Clip such here petals and who have not yet signed necessarily subscribe to my channel me many interesting for lovers kanzashi c dear friends to until the next meeting till try to create and have
  • 06:50: you could do it on next meeting