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  • 00:00: wires owner of the circle on the white and
  • 00:37: Yellow needle to project 3 mm we will do our initial adjust well and we will make a necklace we make a necklace introduced into the first little chain and make a point
  • 01:07: and a low height of medium chain Hight point let away the child enter into chain on the second point through high passing the yarn to produce within the chain on the third point through high pass the wire to introduce within the little chain 4.1 means high again
  • 01:38: fifth point again the sixth point 71.8 taboo again point 9 through 10 high point we live in the circle without passing the wire
  • 02:13: we introduce here reminds us We made low and a current we will introduce this little chain release the child and pull spend a advanced inside the other and next career two streams height of the medium Hight point We launched the wire in all Hindus in same place at second slip stitch through high
  • 02:45: We launched and introduced in child point the front half high We introduced in the same medium high place launched the son introduced in point the front half high We launched the saw introduced on the same place we are making two points and a half point High every 1 through the high point former career
  • 03:18: let's do it by the end of career in the previous 10 career we had half Hight point We made two goals each this career were a total of 20 half high point and we will close his career with a very low point being the talk of the son in the first two currents We made to start from the bottom up
  • 03:50: we will introduce the second chain on release the film and pull spend a loop inside the other and we will cut Here the yellow wire the large size to the finish and we with a wire terminated in white for wire passing through the sardine the needle is without threatening the child will introduce the same place the low point
  • 04:22: very low and do a low point we will make a two three four five six competitors without passing the wire let's skip the next point enter the next point and peed secure with lazio point will stay so let's repeat one two three four five six competitors
  • 04:57: Skip the next point on produce at the point in front with a hold low point let's do it around the back to finish the course moves ringlets and the last six we hold races forming ringlet tenth and closing the career without passing the wire insert
  • 05:27: the first low launched movie we pull a loop within another closed his career with a point very low we were ten ringlets and we work within the ringlets one little chain without passing the wire between the errors in the first ball a low two lows We pass the wire through high point again
  • 05:59: means high point We had passed the two streams wire middle high point again half point high We began to stone with two low we end here with two suns and so It is our first stone
  • 06:34: we will repeat what we did in the first ringlet just like in the second We introduced the second water line one low point low point again launched curb high point in the middle highlight again two streams launched curb high point middle high point again a low point
  • 07:07: Another low filled the second to thrash and we fill all other the goal lines just as made here on the first and second with the last comes two lows we close the career with a slip stitch
  • 07:39: without launching the wire will introduce the first low point of the first petal pass the wire and pull spend a released within another we will launch the wire passing inside this drawn and cut here we have we have a ready-made flower we can add to the core
  • 08:09: enrich is very large we at smaller and we have a flower ready but we will still enrich a bit more this flower closed here note between the two most points previous career have this blip and we jumped so we'll start
  • 08:42: here in this blip we squeeze forward in all We saw this blip we will launch a thread and pull spend wire passing through the loop of needle We hold the wire we make a two three four five six we will copy the current career
  • 09:12: again here next stone note you introduce so front and backwards looks the point that It is between the two lows in white at this point available see below and makes a low go again with a bare 3456 currents in nearby rock back there
  • 09:47: forth introducing at low there you make a forward movement see back loop phil a point low we will copy it this way throughout the career we are in the penultimate little chain of introduces the backward point down from front to back and make a
  • 10:19: with a low Two Three Four five six contestants and we will hold chain on the last and closing the career we have no one here yet many 3456
  • 10:52: we leave here where we made the amendment of the wire in the first little chain without launching a movie made to first little chain to release the film pull spend an action inside the other we are again with the balls and we will work again within
  • 11:22: ringlets just as not we work here we'll repeat know a necklace enter into the first the first and second cheat sheet point down half a point higher the halfway point high again two currents through point high through high point again without
  • 11:53: launch a low wire without launching son a low again Copy the stone and go to the stone following a low two points 2 low medium high we will copy as we did in first stone in the second and in all other until we get up here at the end
  • 12:23: career We fill the last petal let's test career with a slip stitch without pass the wire we will introduce the first low point of the first petal were released louis pull pass launched one into the other Career close we will launch the wire passing through the needle loop and cut our wire to the shot so in our prompt flower she is great
  • 12:59: 10 petals and bulky and very beautiful and you are using is this color to apply between daisies looks good or may be by replacing the yellow brown It is yellow and white by applying among the sunflowers is also in the index