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  • 00:00: the middle of the circle in white and wires Yellow needle to project 3 mm we will do our initial without adjusting account as the first little chain and we
  • 00:32: make six more competitors as full seven little chain be released the wire we came close of the initial nosi there if the child and then make a loop within the other We formed a little ring and we will work within this Muse let us make three chains to start
  • 01:05: three current time is the highest point Our first highlight passed the wire producing at least within the ring zinho another high point All the yarn launched into the ring zinho another high point we do within the ring zin a total of 15 points higher relying on the first three
  • 01:35: chains we did to start as a total of 15 high points we close career without launching a thread in the three first races we did for up from below 123 we Here enter the third chain on release the film pull spend a loop within another closed his career with a point very low and we cut here a the wire large enough to put
  • 02:07: in the water pure to finish we enter a Wire white color appearance to do launched the wire in white color we Beautiful yellow which is Achadinha the needle and let's start the race let's do a little chain 100 in failure the wire we will introduce in the place where close with a slip stitch and
  • 02:39: let's do a low point will be so let's make a two three chains let's jump 12 points of base without nassar thread we will introduce the third point and holding current with a low we will do it again one two three
  • 03:11: current'll jump 12 points of base high points we introduce without pass the wire we will introduce the next point and make a low this is the repetition of the whole career let's do it around all Career highlights made a two three four five ringlets we hold the latest
  • 03:46: little chains forming the fifth ringlet closing the career let's jump 12 points of base see the latter a thread here is not pole here is the closing of career previous we'll close here within the first low done with a wire in white color without releasing the wire we will introduce within the low I spend a pull launched within the
  • 04:17: other close to see career we are with five ringlets and we working the key career within these ringlets we start career making a necklace without launch the wire Insert the needle into the first ringlet and make a point
  • 04:47: down following we will launch the wire enter in one place and make a little group with six highlights the space is very small we pull wire to fit all points 456 highlights
  • 05:22: remember we started career with a low point without releasing the wire let's do a low point here too and finished the first stone what we did the first stone we repeat the second in all other without passing the wire will introduce the second round and make a low point we do in Following the group I with six points
  • 05:54: high We started petal with a low after his highlights to launch the wire We do a low point within the ringlet complete with skin and let repeat what we did in the first and second we will repeat in the third and Wednesday and Thursday to the ringlet Career end
  • 06:25: 5 - filled water lines forming the first stones career and we close the career without nassar estrus have Here the low point of last petal and Here the low point of the first stone we will introduce in this first low point of the first stone we will release the film and pull spend a launched into the other closed the career and we will do again the
  • 06:56: trees lines that will be basis for second stone layer to begin career let's make a necklace and let make a low at behind this low then we bring the needle here facing I see back we will go over the Score
  • 07:26: let's wash the wire back here bring wire passing through the Sardine woman made a slip stitch sinned by back we will make a two 345 current and go to the next low the previous career back without releasing the wire back
  • 07:58: we will move forward on the wire will It looks like we will launch the two wire released the needle we will launch the child and move within the two loops learn the with a low current point by weight back and we will repeat one two three four five chains we go to the next low point of career
  • 08:31: Previous without passing the wire we will introduce backwards pass on the point lacing wire and two pull the needle launched we will launch the wire and complete the point low We learned from a low point picked up by back we will repeat these two rings lines the first two keys
  • 09:03: we will repeat just like in the third and the fourth and fifth ringlet again hard ringlet hold the latest of little chains last needle thread and close the career without launching the wire will introduce the needle here that very low point early career and release the film
  • 09:34: spend a pull in the room the other stayed with five balls again and what we have done here in first layer of stones we will do in the second we start career as a necklace we introducing into the first water line and make a point here where low we had six high points in this
  • 10:04: career let's do a little group with eight points 8 points higher in the first carbone eight high points and started the button with a low we will finish the petal to the point Low also without passing the wire between the ringlet within and makes a low get ready for our first stone
  • 10:36: this career without launching the wire we enter the front line in the ring and we will repeat this here we petal do the little group with eight points higher and a low we have the second petal with a point down eight points to your point more we did those two stones
  • 11:08: we will repeat exactly the same in the third to fourth and fifth sip filled the last stone and we close the career without releasing the wire we have the first low point of the first It is in front first stone made we will introduce this first point low release the film and pull spend a fairy in the other
  • 11:40: closed the career and we will make the Current career that is the basis for third stones career we will start to make a career little chain and how we work in former career we will do slip stitch on this first point over backwards to front I remember back needle released by the wire and passed into the
  • 12:10: the needle is sardine did the very low point and we make six competitors 456 without launching wire we will hold on low front and from back to front with a trap low will stay that way again mantle Two Three four five six
  • 12:41: current at the point in front of behind forward without throwing the wire we hold with a low We made two ringlets and we will do the third fourth and fifth needle thread the exact same career did 6 second did the last ringlets
  • 13:13: and we close just as close in former career without launching a thread we introduce here under the first this little chains low point we will release the film pull spend a loop within the other closed the career and we will start
  • 13:43: next career the same way previous filled a necklace without pass the wire inside the space little chains low and we make this career within the ringlet a small group of 10 high points 10 points high
  • 14:13: in order 12 the penalty for the wire a point peace this is a repeat motif of all the career for the first stone a low 12 High points a low we will copy this first stone in the second and third round My fourth and fifth to
  • 14:45: complete career copying exactly like we fill all the arrows and we will close the career without passing the wire in the first low First this petal income first low point of career we came into being within the low passing the pulling wire and a loop passing
  • 15:16: within another we will launch the wire pull and cut the finish and so be our flower Ready is a flower that has a linen and already enriched himself he is well is embossed with three well layers easy to do and very beautiful and here I I made a suggestion see the owner wires
  • 15:48: Yellow first layer miolinho second in red leather in color carrot and the last in brown color that can be until replaced by green giving intention of this size leaves here if you look it is slightly smaller and is the same flower it is a very voluminous flower as you You can see but for applications gives
  • 16:20: to reduce it in diameter it is so bulky but gets smaller is plump is pretty well in applications you may be doing in good light It is also very beautiful we have enough yarn to bind off with sewing needle but worth it because the result is positive looks like look at various sounds that
  • 16:53: It is very beautiful to see for you to do it with a smaller diameter slightly smaller here where we did you copy everything in the second equal Here in the second race where we did five little chains you put only 4 and the same amount of eight points here in the last row where we to the base
  • 17:23: 6 little chains you put only five little chains and where we have 12 points higher you decrease 2 you make ten points high you get the same FLONA only that it is thus a diameter lower zinho it is more plump as you can see and is thus in great for a group one right group of pretty flowers It is a very large application
  • 17:55: beautiful and gives to enjoy the same revenue from two different models