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Eggplants with meat in Turkish (Karniyarik)  See details »



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  • 00:00: Good day my expensive today cook very famous dishes Turkish cuisine roots roar of hard talk name is quite I probably said, it wrong translated means cut the stomach or it just eggplant stuffed with meat So here we go for our recipe all that's needed you now see on the table 2 eggplants 1 pepper 1 medium tomatoes onion about somewhere in 200 grams the meat or minced a meat useful pieces of me a hen
  • 00:30: We need a place cloves of garlic and tablespoons or diluted with water tomato paste or facade and tomato is overdue tomatoes they I have been on a jar table to start with eggplant remove the rind is not removed completely but such strips These are the result of we get striped eggplants tomatoes cut into slices a thickness of about centimeter and a half 4 circle the smoothest
  • 01:02: the most beautiful postpone for our decorations all dishes other small cut into Bulgarian pepper cut in two cleaned from seeds and then we will need to of each half cut a flat the ribbon which we We also put on top to decorate dishes very willing to take bell pepper green after to contrast the way words can be taken and no pepper you can take a sharp pepper you around here too who love such that stripes we
  • 01:34: postpone all else also finely I chop behind the scenes I leave sliced onion and nasty We need to cut small Dice and also finely chop the garlic We warm up to pan low tablespoons olive oil spread eggplants cover with a lid and under the hood will be their fry about somewhere about 15 minutes but that they have reached softness turn over to Doll woman us evenly flushed from all sides as an option eggplant can not
  • 02:04: you can fry at Examples and the creator of the is boil water and podsolit and place to eggplant and cook where also minutes seven to ten before softness can bake in the oven with fried leather course dish it turns over more nutritious bold but for my taste it turns out tasty but the choice you premises eggplant to postpone pan with necessity
  • 02:34: add the olive butter spread chopped fine Dice onion Dear couple of minutes and transparency and then add or sliced ​​meat or minced meat is dish is prepared it is often with minced meat taken all beef forcemeat but for my taste when the meat is useful not it is scrolled get tastier so I meat This time I cut into chicken, this chicken breast sliced and small cubes first to inform me
  • 03:04: over high heat until such time as it grab crust change color then add sliced ​​vegetables fry for 2-3 minutes add benefits or tomato paste rehydrated or the trade winds from a tomato the amount of the meat
  • 03:34: We tushilos to fluid level pan was slightly less meat Cover with lid and will simmer until availability time very dependent on what kind of meat you it took an average somewhere around 10 minutes the end of the add red hot ground black pepper ground pepper a little chopped garlic to taste you can add finely
  • 04:04: chapped greens parsley all Stir and the need for salt and remove the pan from the fire cheeks luggage cut lengthwise into not cut through to the end a result we formed here such 2 boats here and then again and laying prepared meat vegetables I usually try so that the liquid
  • 04:34: It left any pan and inside capture only meat and vegetables and whole liquid that I left her add form and then I have already been added on necessary water Traditionally everything we have prepared everything that pan is put into eggplant and here here just poured hot water lapped vegetables Put the form add a little
  • 05:04: hot water on top on eggplants laid deferred slices tomato pepper on each of eggplants Couple share tomatoes The Ambassador and the top of clove pepper has you pepper me was Green was a dish I would be very nice red from red merges with the form close foil
  • 05:35: and put preheated up to two hundred 210 degrees Celsius oven the first 15 minutes under then foil foil for another 10 minutes with them to is fully prepared served hot as can be boiled rice I can do without in my corner glance, it is quite self-sufficient and so Our dish is ready instead of traditional Pryatnogo appetite cook very tasty and nice thank you They were with me watching video and with its you the house