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  • 00:00: hello to you again, I Kate and this is my new video on how I dye her hair and or rather mine, I I chose for himself dyeing technique because it is not so It spoils the hair and half of the hair can leave no if I were always to care about My hair looked
  • 00:30: alive and healthy therefore color the only a part later colored zones cover the total weight Hair and shade It is becoming uniform and very I can not see that we are there something is not painted today I will use here this professional hair dye I really like so for achievements interesting shade and mix two colors paint together and dilute them with oxidant
  • 01:00: Six also when I painted hair from the middle to ends, I will add to paint is also water to she though to tinted our hair but not both bright and so when I Mix them together I received a lot of Disconnect the two of the two sites in First I will add oxidizer six one to one paint and the second I I add somewhere
  • 01:32: half-oxidants six in the second halves replace water in order to color the hair from mid to late that they turned like effect color rendering Rick course not I recommend use all these colors are just This I what like It said the house was what is left possible options I would I used It was a whole arsenal ink, I will write to God you can with him
  • 02:02: read well and that Now start itself I staining divide the hair zone you can see them there are only 3 One central idea temple you can have them ie increase make temporal zone here to here somewhere and the center a little bit away, I will have mercy the first strand by mending
  • 02:32: highlighting the hide and seek I next strand just so I will sever or get on all here are some results from
  • 07:29: we turned and Now hair will need to you cut haircut You can see you in the following video, I I will make myself very because I like a now I I show you result of our coloring as you see regrown roots not striking and At the same time, I kept their color hair about leaving intact
  • 08:00: some strands the top course all the hair at the bottom remained untouched as you can see I like all the hair again I have to paint I do not like because it's pointless These hair pieces never seen any not hairstyle ruined state because all top dyed area close all our natural hair is how it
  • 08:30: ruin before I dyed hair uniformly white I mean again and the upper zone but I'm tired of one color constantly growing roots who had pay every month sometimes at 2 months if tolerated, and I I decided all the same go completely on it highlights paint because paint gives a smooth switching to powder making in white parched strands
  • 09:00: sometimes it is necessary but in this case I I do not want and now I'm with you It could not forget subscribe to my channel leave comments and sure to look next video which will devoted to hairstyles hair but until