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How to cut the BANG \/ All about my bang \/ DRESS with 3D drawing  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to you Julia Today I want to as I show I trimmed my bangs what forms and types of bangs I do ever been you may find for themselves some the idea is interesting Stay with me As I have already said that that go to his stylist to her hairdresser every 2-3 month and just in this time I I trimmed my bangs
  • 00:30: Well generally at rest while I do it myself because I do not have time to go there every 3 weeks for I stress that it I trimmed my bangs Today you will show I trimmed icon in the wet Hair that is, there are several ways to cut bangs it can be wet bangs and on when she was still wet for the meeting but It can be your Christmas tree then cut when it is dry have you perfectly straighten iron
  • 01:00: your bangs and perfectly right to cut and ie ways very much on the actually and each of them can be use almost all the time
  • 03:19: I went with what and in fact it is me very painful question grow the bangs or over cut and as soon as it is in I was just there for eyes eyes slightly covers at me Again the question arises as perhaps again grow because I still can not understand how I I feel comfortable with bangs or no bangs I think each girl thinking sooner or later, what
  • 03:50: better with or without a bang bangs in general it a constant struggle some go when I I decided to grow his bangs and thought as though it painless do because as soon as the fringe close your eyes it can simply be nowhere ie put it header is too early it falls on the ear she has not dressed in a general I decided to grow in such a way that has cut a bangs to the side with time here
  • 04:21: this part is me I grow it could easily wrap the ear and then could spent another that is part of the Bang it is also a way how to painless it all crank here but sometimes I just I grow a cheek anything with it did not I am waiting for when she but it grows back on its own it is very difficult to me had to use all sorts of rims to it stab gels varnishes to
  • 04:51: hairs up to bang does not fall on eyes and looked messy bangs It requires a large attention to themselves and it is necessary to correct care girls have oily the skin on his forehead I I think I understand because that fringe fast goddaughter it should be wash every day then there oki with which to whirlwinds which, as you would not It grows here there or elsewhere here it is, a whirlwind but begins to hang around current course or here and
  • 05:21: and every day straighten it for easy to grow and zachosyvat ago as if the only way out such is girls who rare bangs but want they make thicker and take very a large number of I have hair on the crown I think this is not nice because Hair bulk of hair she had thins and does not beautiful hair It begins to look but for those girls have anyone sparse hair Basically thick bangs
  • 05:51: we can also save because with hand will seem that you so thick hair but because once pay attention to bangs it seems to hand to but very thick hair and very a large amount of hair therefore it is necessary to choose bangs depending on the structure of your and your hair opportunity well, now I want you show what a bang
  • 06:21: I have been all over all the time this marisa I tell you a little bit in Plan Plan I
  • 06:51: grow and bangs video is for you today I prepared I has cut it just for the sake of you your desires and away me to show how I trimmed bangs well Generally speaking in plans I have it grow and form I I want to achieve the floor chin I want to have middle to do middle and to persons So who hung locks or locks as well
  • 07:22: It referred to these locks a little framed face and twisted ago I ideally want a bang I do not know how I've had it to her grow how do you know that yes fringe grows but principle and hair normal hair it grows one centimeter per month and This esteemed think and if the winter for all winter there in the spring I will not cut people who, in principle, it is I already should grow on the chin
  • 07:52: but it is only in the plans I do not know how to Next month I again possible mows a bang I say maybe not this for me is very sick this topic In general, I think that even bangs creates a more this kind of cute a little bit rejuvenates the face and you look younger but other hand it Now this weight It lies on the avatar sometimes it is so bored here straight I want to build it
  • 08:23: to know get rid of the not well I wish you a bonus show dress I bought it By the way, we do not maybe you already I try it see it here a very bright very colorful dress 3d effect with front that is, this is an icon which front yes she live if you look closely the she is walking move that is Now that this grid ahead it creates 3d
  • 08:54: effect on the grid traced the same as in most drawing this is not the most and under the net located here are Rhinestones are here shimmer on the sun but now it values do not know how the camera give this message but the effect on the dress really very very interesting beautiful but climbed it's just without drawing rhinestones without any Generally mesh feature this dress now very fashionable dress 3d effect
  • 09:25: so if you You see this dress make sure it take Do not hesitate it really very it looks interesting by to general video It got a little so chaotic I totally unprepared text all I it was in my head, I do I told you everything I hope you remember I understand my topic video if you liked put the huskies if there is dizlayki leave your no comments subscribe to my channel I will be very glad parole
  • 09:55: bye bye