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  • 00:00: tender and juicy not a huge problem if you know how handling thin Meat today secrets cooking Viennese schnitzel Hector opens Jimenez-Bravo hello separation Once I of yeast you are you, those islands obozhdet it very, who is not the urine is not based on duzhe bagato I do not recognize the purpose of and the arrival of smoking schnitzel in Canada soul popular veal
  • 00:32: schnitzel fixedly bus schnitzer so love food we today rightness of his cube textures You mean we have called just schnitzel Vedeno dream word schnitzel wines and office schnitzel Shmi prices traditions nastrogo center Europe for two line in the house Austrian chefs Royal glad we Vpershe fell to light to the table juice wipe tusks style you did not mention vitoge schnitzel your Alan and popularity Austria forever
  • 01:03: official holy schnitzel water from the now orderly Insha certain to vadim meat Yalova chan and pork chicken on Yandex sheep on a vidcon'e on warehouse fail just not a whole It begins right but I have a choice of wild view is mayzhe Pope ready bus days of today Hector Jimenez-Bravo opened We believe will find him I did not have any of the Austrian grass monarchs breathe and past and maser you would on a log and Rome so liters bp actor
  • 01:35: Wiener schnitzel we We will prepare from Veal Romanians here units or good but a collection of a thief in if you need my wide container traffic is already there and Schnitzel civil century Shmatko also meat important that your boron was at hand so Most crackers for breading we see it meat from a slave of my action duschy duschy only on
  • 02:06: stabbed decided edge I bought cut into shmotochki can do so yeah well Caution and then let all I reveal a and c, and I attach and flip
  • 02:38: etc. work here cut to make carefully so yeah well all is still. then you Dashwood uch specifying the carcass centimeter me here here here will require all well understood let us generously was batchat and dinner for cisc mode noise is a snake at the bottom there is still not angry meat pizza has Troch
  • 03:08: hla and mouse juice noise this country and t n and p axis all kind of water you I remember this secret help us do cook real Viennese Schnitzel I anticipating how he It will mellow the same important to him control Do we temperatures can you great and pickaxe si won it blame and burn linea if it is necessary to take the hot glasses ulema low temperature Schnitzel about smazhetsya Rome number but take away all she later
  • 03:38: Ziona potribno so robots can cup for him our health ideal temperature 135 c degrees in Celsius you can throw and dripku crackers and I want to mall will be in it is a biscuit Hall is searched on the site and the ribs and agshi crackers floating on on top of it, too, cara Come on this is being written we you to Rostov him culinary tile about drunk and Lucy Levka can easily replace ulcers tea
  • 04:09: and polyethylene package is ready beat meat for schnitzels have clearer cafe Mozart at it even popular Schnitzel there for that a minimum of 35 euros we two pieces of meat and have you have three pieces film what was going on I want to spit and not I'm torn Sometimes it can be less so I realized m is considered as all one piece so many film and I have 1 pair of scissors 2 Torino Crimea Jura ski
  • 04:40: etc. in fact there are even Vakula's important you do there is also a mass of three Could you at She horizontal edge winding otherwise you You can break with at Horizontal not smoked again and you just with shame because the hammer you then GMR myself evenly would you tell him all at a much fila
  • 05:10: We need to strike sons slo I tried it the main model working Yasopp flat and thin 6 millimeters seen so here thinly Tony thinly, thinly It can be a rolling pin to will beat with a rolling pin that's so good, and yes yes Toby order to empty heart here thank you all
  • 05:40: woman with a rolling pin therefore it is dangerous better and offer immediately make schnitzel and then everything will be OK well there is no freedom all bude good all bude good right select rocks on top of Steel prices more beautiful m'yaso for reapers asking also called I sought open I want you I choked on poglyan rescuers have meat
  • 06:12: Father is not the same importance Baril but if vector will not work Now do the right thing chipped a piece of meat then schnitzels not It will prepare delicious right to you so as we Rob Batter family with no pro lubricate all what she is uneven and carved stew I want lubricate and without the batter thickness not modem such values there the oil and it
  • 06:42: I forgot that I thought that we heated I control Nadia Lucy as a kind of reading this emotion everything will be ok yes I inserted and repeated that to give the salt tails and pepper pots teeth until you give melt you one secret so let you give me shearing salt and pepper and
  • 07:12: accept this kind when I again question yes but we're with that usually when meat prepared we not salted before how to roast as well though we have the truth It recommended to give Yesil I Sutil eventually head but Sir I you want it to be and lubricate and not just will always help caramelize Su family thousands of patients Yeah, let's wrong Isilkul you will marinate meat
  • 07:43: like you 20 compliments soup and hold '24 this rank you Tilke in the core TTX whitefish we pita turaly these two cereal is not beaten much just Chabrier Sales pouring yellow volume legion yes yes it one a tablespoon of your hand cutter salt smaller and did you
  • 08:14: sliced flank I dragged us weight Povalyaeva in girls repeat often say about bridges these supplies meat on hand and a gift you I have legs Spacey I'll come to selectively I want to be called a city it is not the purpose of burning with have more fat so I now I see Hector how perfect you schnitzel he's rescued
  • 08:45: throats like this look and think that the meat he like thinly rolled out you have the dough turned fr needs for Nour to switch to the seams and I think down and I understand why we salt used but held briefly pickle juice did not have time stand and it turns out that it is us myasko a wizened neatly yes let dry crackers are a barrier Cat I Ali I chose the Xiaomei we have a wide
  • 09:15: Scarf biscuit LDPR Relief crackers fell where i'm at oil temperature oil has warmed up near the sea then I purified arena kartoplya at a time melted 3 it bean oil I amenable to slots you will see the skom home style cards apple and its oil to parsley and minds on ready dqs parchment reach us schnitzel for you it will be red about we about to m Schnitzel is popper at
  • 09:46: Borissov said and I have blushed I did not see you I turn the meat there so I spent Mass and here and berries in horner School and masks turn can several times you can interrupt it sprat Raziel and lubricate needs one Schnitzel at a time otherwise Aliyah Apollo who I monster stars
  • 10:16: potatoes served himself it is a way to say this cc comes alive and sprinkled with girlfriend yet how many different impressions recipes you brought from different countries, I know that soon you leave how do you plan it I expect to spend again will travel window most time Today girlfriend couple I want to go there already 2 Rocky there just blew kitchen already popular with soul 1000 abandoned himself Dan
  • 10:47: America I want to fall and earrings with ball and betrayal I sat Peruvian cuisine in a couple of time I will two days in Machu Picchu to open for themselves Peruvian bullet nEEDS agenda spend a prescription and to a ukrainy know share then it will new piece of extraordinary recipes from Hector Hector Jimenez-bravo I imagine how great you will rest and how
  • 11:17: when we obraduemsya you come back to me I want coffee prepare its plan thou shalt seek leave splinter I'm calling to his mother and said soon will pepper and Eugene chopped tooth Inca in Rio de Janeiro will frost days, I know 10 I hope that you have in your travel will be as experience that you come back happy and happy here for me every day that begins with This day full of coffee joyous experience treating sector thanks to all It begins with nescafe
  • 11:48: I want to answer aroma want breathe and exhale fight Schnitzel Rob was gone. Troshka less then parsley to smoke potatoes ki it looks like a complete meal I think healthy strong man it is these that give a girl
  • 12:18: all girly men love to relish of food and prepare these schnitzel and you pobachite on the shoulders and nose reputation for being a kind smile Vedic schnitzel I'm ready preparation Viennese schnitzel us it took veal flour eggs cream bread Black salt crackers pepper vegetable oil lemon and green pieces veal put between cling film and answer a hammer broken-off pieces of meat sprinkle with salt and
  • 12:48: pepper to taste Roll the meat in flour mixture with salt then dip into the egg mixed with cream and roll in breadcrumbs and take and veal corn oil Deep frying pan on Put a medium heat the meat in the pan covered with paper towel for let with potatoes garnish garnish with lemon sliced ​​parsley or salad Baker at this time the finish I have a boring drag cafe emotions IT'S podevalis will be played
  • 13:18: horror serve Hector Schumann Trishkin lemon Juice which is among you happy face is meat that simply she melts in your mouth and cause unnecessary I could not chew if it was not so gladly chew Schnitzel as well gentle chop it in thin and breaded all combinations of flavors including this one
  • 13:48: lemon so organically I connected It seems to be a schnitzel for you favorite view Chop all the more we all know secrets of his cooking Hector you magic and l n and I is important to Vichy Now you can by in this schnitzel Thou expensive restaurants I as a professional and all generations will not we have improved and Pskov to good