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100% disposal of BLACK POINTS \/ SUPER-MASKA!!! - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello I name is Natalia combo generic and today this video I tell you you about the super mask which accurately deliver you from your black points I want to say what the effect of this simply mask breathtaking the result of the eastern startle and I I speak up to 100 percent because I experienced this mask on its own experience and literally first application the number of black points I decreased and decreased by big enough number mask really effective and is only one
  • 00:31: ingredient that I confident and now lies in your fridge so if you wide pores you known this problem as black point and I will deeply sorry how it oxygen occurs which consists here in the most of your wide pores it oxidized and the most white knot which is formed before as formed itself black. it darkens and has here only this step formed black. this one is the enemy all we know this
  • 01:01: Velcro that most eliminate our couples blackheads but unfortunately they very difficult available every can afford buy them so today it is This mask is how would you replace these Velcro for this we need a mask only one ingredient is egg and so break the egg and separate the protein from the yolk and now just
  • 01:32: whisk our protein and how to understand what we whipped protein it is up to us to correct consistency Firstly it should be not less dense such as a thick before and rinsing in scissors be closer to of liquid and secondly it here It should be covered all such as foam so we whipped protein and yolk until Eject leave it because then We will moisturize our face and now
  • 02:02: it is necessary to put it on the person I am now is a will do and show you what to do next before the beginning application you certainly the need to wash away all makeup and wash your face some foam for washing will much better if you You will wash the face not cold water and hot, or at least so lukewarm guy It revealed much stronger and mask will be much more effective Apply the mask on I have a problem zone I will do it on chin more after application
  • 02:34: we take a napkin and how to take it the fourth part this part should be very thin and We put on our protein remove unnecessary and then we have this
  • 03:04: the tissue layer Apply again press click something like we wait until our Mask will stone then just the knowledge with our face and so I everything is washed away and I was the last stage you can not but I do still did find egg yolk on the surface the whole face is moisturize the skin to make still I want to how well It is this mask it is very simple and very easy
  • 03:34: I hope that you I liked this video this mask and, if so do not forget subscribe to my channel so as not to miss new Video all good luck with you was Natalia Kambar atom