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  • 00:00: beautiful glowing skin many feel that it's simple unattainable dream and all because of the hated but also black points we take off today learn to fight my friend our expert Olga Seymour argues for this all we need one tablet activated carbon hello my road wear black dots Black coal in by shining what a beautiful skin Tale is not a fairy tale the harsh truth
  • 00:31: Life as you know when my daughter became grow up grow up grow up and come most harmful teenage years Besides that corrupted character deteriorated facial skin the child and adolescent are divided into two as it were, category who are very active and clear acne severe inflammation those with very strong comedones spoil a great person beautiful women and so this is not just need to fight just need to destroy in the bud and
  • 01:01: for this facility there but there are means beauty campaign Facial Cleansing salon periodically used by many women stand 250 hryvnia in my if talk about Kiev prices as effectively and quality helps fight comedo find but not sorry and pay 500 hryvnia important to accurately know that the specialist very gorgeous often that unskilled expert not some good no tools good hands crushed
  • 01:31: dots removed and that It happens here in this zone is very extended sometimes it becomes because of this, for the time being injured pores opens pores are broad and dots we have removed comedo is cleaned Now where there is at wings of the nose to nose in the middle of the forehead and chin through some few These days, the pores again closed and point get bigger larger and spoil life us even more there is a good ultrasound cleaning but yet again it
  • 02:01: book is not every time and go and sometimes no sometimes money and sometimes it is a pity just afraid do not fall into the hands sink and specialist a very good home treatment which is suitable and adolescents and men and practically all, even if you rosacea, even if even here you are allergic if some the problem is the person this procedure the most gentle maximally careful and more painless that it is possible to do
  • 02:31: once a week that is is effective means to combat black spots on the face that does not have contraindications virtually no time Let's quickly learn it do us You need to find we need remember that this process consists of several stages which itself very important first treatment you think that this saucepan and chamomile usual drugstore Daisy, we must prepare steam
  • 03:01: bath we steam out face yes how to do it right steam bath because such Steam baths people who such as cigarettes red vascular mesh or very bright inflammation dangerous to do so not be more even if you face okay but very Hot steam and will wrong will made them possible Statement bring great harm we pour boiling water a guest ordinary pharmacy chamomile or you can have any other herbs you are our best just clears thyme
  • 03:31: lavender and mint more invigorates and daisy but Chamomile is best We put on a plate close the lid and on a small small fire tormented this daisy five to ten minutes after boiling closed the lid 10 minutes on low fire should 10-15 minutes turned off and it must be put down collect condensate Do not open until prepared as follows: mixture of the second stage is the so-called washing because
  • 04:01: all procedures should be on absolutely clean skin we take our favorite oatmeal that we can make oat flakes coffee grinder and watching then you will find that oatmeal porridge was very very finely ground for this procedure we it is necessary that all ingredients are just dust Take the best yet about through a sieve in order that on steaming skin some hard particles are not violated
  • 04:32: It does not scratch the skin and what is this but we pea flour ordinary mountain we wash we dry it and peas dry peas, too grinding already perry little need a little time More results It will be better peas has such property as a clip. he is like Velcro prize alive all all filth and infection stock jeans and milk powder all in equal parts if the milk powder in you do not have something we can take a good example infant formula
  • 05:02: dairy mixed took pen dripped here vodichku made themselves Soapy and good good able to face all first removed first layer ie the epidermis all have an old slightly open, and that's on black spots here the epidermis it already and will leave the skin net until we washed prepared our Our pair just that that temperature you need not to
  • 05:32: burn the person we charge large towel open the lid and cant like this never lean like this because you can really much face burn so here at diagonal face bowed down Polotenchik tent made left is currently a window of Air for to breathe and steams on our steam bath person in any case not for flushed this red
  • 06:02: healthy beautiful faces as if from a bath as though out of the bath You do not have to why comedo comes our sebaceous glands that produce skin is a website yes This flip answers for skin elasticity when you produced very much as we we eat the wrong the sea when we we use writing wrong bad makeup and then not a good going Salk produced many pair closed the epidermis does not have time exfoliate and it turns out that's not Beautiful black.
  • 06:32: 1 soared to lie down and roll I blushed but how much minutes, it can continue as Generally women with light fine to 6 a very reddish mesh a little on face Well literally minute and a half is not greater than that of women and skin thicker than the skin more dark and not lose some a little longer but it is 7 10 minutes maximum more than enough We cleaned once soared It is one that why the most important I hope you are not coal
  • 07:03: You can of course enjoy me very interesting as Black carbon can help fight one black dots tablet black activated carbon means and means old is popular if it is bad if poisoned mom always I spoke yesterday on the coals He pulls out as a Magnet any toxins and every creeping thing that's so like a magnet, he will act and This person does not completely blacken there can not even experience while you're taken aback black coal tablet we take a tablespoon
  • 07:34: ordinary spoon gelatin is really some unusual means you know it is so common Now all over the world all the beauty of the Hollywood beauties yes very young lovely creatures found this means and are one and delighted strips nasal cleansing for chin and forehead are usually very very expensive they used one just by the way is not always they all help and this means very
  • 08:04: expensive very quickly and operate one really unique dining spoonful of gelatine fill the dining room spoon of water cold lukewarm just lukewarm some water not hot and not in any Case adds here our active coal it is necessary to direct the truth straight dust in the dust space dust to avoid had no large lumps enough to become jelly precisely because
  • 08:34: activated carbon while it turns and it milk and milk would you know this elasticity of strips because if you make the strip only the gelatin it will be very tough and we Here it is necessary to This rim was very soft supple it will be good replacement of the strips to fight comedones are can be purchased high enough
  • 09:04: the price in the shops we We put it on steam bath pour a little some water and a water bath We keep it as Unless completely Gelatin not disperse in water and the way it is It can only be done in Glassware metal is not well you know best not work metal tableware to find yourself as I have said ceramic or glassware because metal often comes in the oxidation process and This we do not have staff you can melt it
  • 09:35: faster you just This mixture was put to 10 seconds in the microwave I do not overdo but do not overdo exactly ten seconds all in 10 seconds at we would get here so here it seems Look but such mush take a brush and depositing a first layer on the nose area here here where we enlarged pores and the nose wings
  • 10:06: someone tries Apply this mask on all face why not but because that when she freezes occur you patch effect you can afford submit to shoot this mask here with these often it is not necessary there is only the mask for comedones and expanded and dirty then, so we put on here this masochku zone movements of a brush stripes on midway on the forehead zone and zone chin in no case worn on
  • 10:36: upper lip area nasolabial folds under the eyes to behold the us where delicate skin almost dried up possible apply a second layer almost dried up possible apply the third layer wait until it all here are withered and the patch at Getting to the black circles 10-12 minutes a maximum of 15 is enough and then when all our penny we wither We start here and so screamed and tidy remove undermines plaster and gently
  • 11:06: the stripes just unstuck and the whole stuff that is we comedo of our skin Now it remains to patches, that is, it some magic instrumentalities not something that is not expensive even find it how much does it cost I do not presume because it is for mere pennies and patches for the face will give good firm that really It helps worth in the region of 70 to 80 hryvnia and it is enough a maximum of 2 the same procedure Here we are confident that the components this means
  • 11:37: safety and the no allergies can not and finally finishing stage because the skin in We open on a flat clean and now we it is necessary to close them close properly, we whisk one protein eggs and how it will to act on our open pores protein all pores and then dries It closes the pores and us if we need to, and we add a teaspoon a spoonful of lemon juice if there is no lemon
  • 12:07: Now you can simply lemon and squeezing yes if you have a lemon on the essential oil enough three or four frame here that we masochku We put on those areas we purified We are waiting to complete dry and reflect boiled some water the pores of our pro disinfect lemon juice to a little bit signed Wednesday help to cope sebaceous glands to me to work as actively a dog close pores this whole procedure better to make the evening time when you are sure You do not go to work
  • 12:37: You will not go street after procedures can not be apply no cream you can not do make-up and it is necessary to relax the skin at least 6 hours so the best time This example Friday or Saturday night dedicate himself just 15-20 minutes and the next day your skin will nicely from the black points you find even dry it turns out that once a week regularly to do the
  • 13:07: procedure can to do as but if necessary, really strong problem that just literally KrAZ this week will enough and that It does not hurt your skin turns it means very simple and very effectively and then please repeat us how to exercise all four phases for the first phase preparing steam bath with camomile a handful of daisies pour boiling water, put it pan close cover and keep on
  • 13:37: simmer 10 after ten minutes minutes saucepan removed and the We stand a 10-15 minutes without opening the cover this time preparing means for washing in equal proportions take oatmeal or finely crushed oats cereals and finely chopped washed dried peas, as well as equal the proportion of dry milk or infant dairy mix a little water Wash your face like plain soap then proceed steam bath take large towel
  • 14:07: open the lid pots and steam Foot doing 5 up to a maximum of 10-15 minutes preparing strips against comedones one breed tablespoon gelatin one tablespoon water and 1 tablespoon milk or fatty cream and add crushed to tablet activated carbon put on steam bath and bring to jelly state Apply this jelly nose and forehead area in We wait until the chin
  • 14:37: strip and dry shot in the face plaster concludes mask procedure whipped egg white with lemon juice wash off the mask with warm Do not apply water cream and do not makeup and your skin will delight you always always sometimes the most effective funds sufficient simple, and in this we you can make if we try means of comedones with which we have today introduced Olchik asmr thank you my dear, I'm sure that it is for all of us
  • 15:07: handy wish never find this black point he we know that its Th us to take off the case fear