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  • 00:00: Hello everyone I am glad welcome you to channel on the conduct of household and Today I will tell you about the organization storages rags specifically about any things for washing all dishes cloth Polotenchik their mops and so they etc., etc. if you do interestingly Stay and I'll start probably with the fact that I remind you of your
  • 00:30: The basic rules for organization storage is that all things must lie where them easier to use that is If you for example then wash the dishes sponges for dish washing any Towelie to wipe dry sink You should be in a hands and let you You will be afraid in these sounds up to the background to something The neighbors neighbors started a repair and let I I will tell you in detail that where I stores begin probably from the sink I I hate when we sink instructed all sorts tubes sponges
  • 01:00: Wash any dishes Yorshik general I hate when we have I personally have something It rests on the sink it annoys me I do not know how you have specifically, it is generally annoying podbeshivaet not even number so all washing facilities dishes I keep here in of drawers that is this side corner Well, how would he not quite corner a fight sensor directly to the there here here here near me sink costs and the box at the me is directly on days that is very convenient when you wash
  • 01:30: I wash the dishes when open this dish box and actually speaking and take everything you need to put I do not I fight back head on the door that is unnecessary set to open close in principle You can keep it fully open and Let's show that we are inside and open the door and here we have with you Today in this video Only this here bottom shelf which I will now I try to bring so here it is let me look Now I tell that here's what I Now there are two
  • 02:00: podstavochki for supports 2 podstavochki like see is soap and usually scented soap and it podstavochki sleep tea bags not know sold such even in the store fix price is very convenient using as shoot cameras because ordinary soap dish here not fit shelf quite narrow well, that is, she is It is very compact so here's corner it's these things here fit as a It could not be better laundry soap I have been told to which used to vegetable processing and hen the fruit there before
  • 02:30: cook it all plus of course the marvelous wash your hands there's something but it is fragrant and la 5 same to wash hands etc. Here at me here such here is worth box is container storage of food all pieces and let's its now well I will show you up close and so this container now I I will say very but in the use First, it's me here such a pepper that I my children bottle of thought to the very children still with nipples just in
  • 03:01: Basically these girls It can be omitted ware that is multifunctional By the way for those who have small children choose Yorshik here my external advice Choose where Yorshik on the other side there is such a tiny brush it you need to to wash pacifier's this very rubber that is very convenient way etc. I have so here is a trick such rigid sponge that is, but it is not sponge so that thing which is a another part of the sponge I have lips use here such
  • 03:31: the most common most simple cheap and that's it the rear surface it's just there's it's great big what pryamougolnichek I do not like it not scratch surface of any so delicate but at the same time he hard enough in order to wipe them with a deposit some every night adhering parts Ambassador and so that the latter I have here is here So iron brush it very I advise those who have sink that is a stainless steel Basically, it is no I did not harm her in any way harm and at the same
  • 04:01: while it is excellent just wash sorokoviny to shine to such brilliance that you tricks eyes dazzled the eyes eyes should be on the pain really very well washes sink and in general here Here are a all the dishes that no not enamelled that is, well here without any deposition on top of that is just normal iron atom when that's fine launders here this exactly the same thing can be cleaned with a spoon plug anything lots of functional thing are
  • 04:31: penny very tips but certainly neater be with non-stick all sorts of coatings with bowl like multivarok in general, well, of course there can not be she so all I have is it is very convenient compact me like and most importantly what why I did not just bath on the shelf because all the same after use some give eternal are wet Of course I try to wring out the sponge and brush but I still they did not land the I have just fold this thing and the box itself does not
  • 05:01: swell box yes that is, there is not Moisture accumulates in same time as how there is no cover that is, I do not cover I use it It allows everyone to breathe these cases and fine everything dries up even inside the box with the inside the box is not wet from that in principle it small compact there can be no how wet so here lips I have kept this way Now I will tell you I keep all sorts of Towelie for to wipe
  • 05:31: dry sink and so when washing dishes Again, I have all be on hand to after will wash literary and dry plus everything else I can not say that I without wiping the dishes towels that is, I I do not do simply laid out Polotenchik and land I reached in hell at him dish pan all I need is you all in such a way everything dries up naturally why me as a matter of fact We need two polotenechko to one for there wipe sinks and
  • 06:01: second to dry it some pots and Christmas trees in general, all dishes all it kept me is in this box that I have here shells and I as before so how dare wash I open the dishes the box and see how here are two polotenechko one I use a towel to dry and a second second cancer wipe us go Towelie not some such super duper beautiful
  • 06:31: before you can which can guests or which apply you can wipe your hands but it is the most best Towelie for to wipe namely, that it is the eat well, as expendable stuff so let's say they hang me on here just such hooks hooks here a back and forth includes hooks I bought in which usually the economic store rubles for February 15 things are back on adhesive such surface glued well, in general Basically easily here
  • 07:02: easily lifts up communication Chris somewhere else so that here and so I they hang Towelie Do not bother me when my dishes in the same time they always at hand when I need so Now I'll show you where I keep my all sorts of cloths to wipe the whole thing I keep Here in this box I why this village because we are show it is under the oven under my and is now open look at it
  • 07:32: closer here and so to me it looks here I have left store all sorts of new burka that is still all unused I can need if I have something already finished here sponges for dish washing such rigid sponge here are over there cloth Microfiber is me economic gloves are great for washcloths wash You know the show that is Typically, such washcloth like as body but I am of my facades sometimes sometimes well that there they are here
  • 08:03: great principle does not very convenient to wash in Generally, all that anything so you here's Anime Keep this new Then go from left to right so here I have an apron my cooking so say on here Now I have all sorts of tack ie the that's what I'll take the pots of pan of hot here's my bottom is kept below here Now these Towelie this towel is not to wipe hands or give this is for the guests to wipe
  • 08:34: dry sink or wipe the dishes that is, it is such expenditure material and stored they gave me like this a way that is, I see exactly how much me their stuff left many You need to wash and so Further, and in principle all it's pretty compact that is, I I can remove any deploy any but any Polotenchik actually here And so it all I collapsed and back thrust and here's the box he still quite low height and, in principle, Here is a method of folding
  • 09:04: ensures that I all I see it clearly and at the same time and placed in the box well, this is now the most the right side is the interesting personally for I have it all sorts rags I cut out so to speak and already departed department clothing that is, if a example some boy blouse I already I can not wear which are already there I know where something broke and somewhere I rubbed Cut into rag Now in this way that is, to spread me here too to
  • 09:34: the end to the end cloth box 3 course pest again method of folding You see what that is, I can each cloth remove Well, how would you it is better to show so for example if that so burying something see here how Lochmatow ie we can take take out all at once and Now if this side up put something there that's where 1 fold it turns everything is quite simple and 1 removed the cloth These are a few I use cloth in order to dusting ie
  • 10:04: it is for some ie surfaces Every morning I take new cloth just I wipe the dust old or throw in washing machine or if it somehow I do not get dirty something else can I wipe it just throw Again, that's the I use cloth in order to wipe e.g. crashed ie the remnants of glass crashed glasses I had my little girl often these is dropped glasses and they develop these small oskolochki they just do not gather vacuum cleaner also did not gather
  • 10:35: because that's all wet that is needed wait until dry and Now this cloth quite a normal all gather and immediately with shrapnel throw so here's this here my organization But in this lower locker boxes again are all close at hand as the you see that is so should only bend down and we have to Are you all here this business before your eyes So it turns out turn to organization storage so you and rags for cleaning sex me all this thing kept here this kind of a bucket, I you It shows you the way in one of the videos on Household purchases
  • 11:07: that is, but usually is 10 liters pretty much and I'll show you that is me inside inside me Here is such a Now head of a mop that is, it's the so I kept tip in this bucket the handle of a mop that I I kept on the balcony of the there after I wash my floor yes e.g. I thoroughly wring out So this is how it It called for the total It was a dish we call mop and do not know what
  • 11:37: I called nozzle Jim and thoroughly mop and unscrewing and and from here this here I handle long handle immediately put to the balcony Here's the thing I Again his wife summer I I carry to the balcony dried to make it thoroughly dry out winter I put on battery in the bathroom dry it approximate but not know how many about something I wanted to tell you it dries do not know Well, in short not so long and my floors, I now do not so often somewhere in time
  • 12:07: probably in three days the there is no more after As this cloth Tir mop mop dry I put it here in this bucket baby I should a bathroom that is bathroom directly most bathroom it there not visible but it is worth which is called as It was from January to not nobody prevents me It does not interfere in any the right moment I can this bucket and remove thence to put the mop on shelf and be yourself quiet floors and
  • 12:37: help in the wind that is usually also I dial the water in the same place In bathroom so all is stored in a place where this field it is used etc. I still have a bucket I is not empty yet here is a Now I Polotenchik I ask forgiveness today we're a little wet because I just that took out the washing machine not washed the it's pay so here he is it is certainly not the case so it is a huge there's such a
  • 13:07: long-long case he is not frightened of such not nurtured so I will say this Polotenchik also Let not my floor do not be surprised grabs his head do not rush to write me horrible comments I towels my floor why because she very good absorbs do tell me towel towels as well some kind but it but I somehow did not I prepared for the video in general, okay, let's simply not up
  • 13:37: ie the end of the Now this Polotenchik I have my floor why because it is very It absorbs water it very well she pressed very well cleared that is, when I do not to be something to a huge Greater China area or in the mop Basically for my just hands here it's pay after I use it rinse lightly in water if it is not strong I won some dirt, dust and debris in principle, I do
  • 14:07: its land as either then the nozzle of a mop either the battery or the summer just to balcony but if it I won once here much much dirt I I see that the towels such a soiled so then I throw it in washing machine and accordingly there already after I took mokrenkaya so again same thing on the battery or stand on the balcony after all this I dry matter I turn off just I throw in here that's here's a bucket, and again is it for me there
  • 14:40: is stored that is, I have two tools for Wash the floor as well here and mop towel brush for sweeping I keep the floor as the balcony that is nothing happens even in winter, that is, it In principle, this dry but never stop wet it merely to brush away dust from the floor if you can Our store it on the balcony that I have that I still have broom broom broom and at me as such I just do not have a brush what else I scoop scoop I keep under the sink next to the trash
  • 15:11: the bucket will not you show what is It will not look very aesthetically pleasing so I I hope that I I complied with request I hope that the video was it for you interesting and useful write me you are welcome any comments do you keep their accessories for the economy as I say yes it's cloth any such stuff if you that is, a special way to store too be sure to write me I would be very interested in reading your comments and I'll see you with my until the next video