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  • 00:00: Today your joints hurt whine about the weather swells tomorrow crackle and break down you immobilized joint disease is dangers of the 21st century which deals every third us what foods help joints always remain healthy knowing nutritionist Svetlana FUS and help us today came to my Great guests Dasha and Tregubova Snezhana Egorova and because remember
  • 00:31: wonderfully you played football actually Ponte when we dealt hemoglobin and forget still I played I lost myself It requires low-flow revenge today will can say a rematch of gear him in the course of which we we learn about remarkable The product helps our joints to be healthy but first light tell please why painful joints it the problem is not only the elderly as a before you even but almost all because if we remember for computer sitting Now begins
  • 01:01: deep childhood say some outdoor games Now these few engaged we know what is now the power our children so since childhood state composition worsening their plight Che knew and font Lily den and a circle each Saturday Th know small warranty term average of up to 150 and rocket hell and buckets fell on not all the makings of his Butovo zavlaba break nenavi 700 Rocky 100k real brother that after 20 Rocky because is to wear
  • 01:31: evil He walks and bonding and pagan and rot and bing is Russian or so and then sq steve Kin snare and Zone Ridge and dusk strictly on millions of sodium Ukrainians and cysts They give rise to perish tempering at work snowdrift cartilage turnover 6 Especially hoop often tissue reduces the arch Amorth Zuya mail happy Suglobova hour hand the Pole of the capsule angles protecting the inside No way canons and Nada son of the bone real balloon releases special varide well the children of a lesser order
  • 02:01: Church of malice and robot his hand over you so to help in work and our ears in the any tissue and ligaments n me the basics of tendons created on the nerves and won change dream forehead from secure his hands harchuvannya the You gallon of product exchange and sledok window your snowdrifts elastic the granddaughter his countrymen will Scales forehead perfectly a savannah let's not on it and active work for body require such I bone elasticity Brush the night collapsed depreciation mitsis let protest would take
  • 02:32: Go know Asya yaki sound products pass not you sberog topic you health Crimea Saul take really Food can help our joints remain healthy things your Food bear proteins fats carbohydrates which includes part of our connection tissue that is articular surfaces our ligaments and supports them elasticity ascetics, etc. today will be physical exercise moderate with joy with nice mood in general, for joints here and at the same time learn what foods to are useful, we
  • 03:02: We talk about some products that must be necessarily on our 5 is a table of products that have these miraculous and the properties they in the diet should be our daily almost in relay that you Now will you go develop your joints all in turn and at the same time it is very important and help yourself to my guests and our viewers know what products for joint very useful and help them stay is always young 5 competitions will each of the test lead you to desired result
  • 03:32: that is, to product which It helps particular group joints remain flexible and therefore who healthy It will help to get award universal Simulator according to our super coach Anita is lutsenko the best simulator for health maintenance joints in any age and someone of I have it today bodysuits got where do You need eyes lit up develop pro terrible sadanut cup I love your sports attitude especially Dasha because she He wants recouping they went
  • 04:02: and so the first competition will be for cervical joints during this job you perfectly develop a cervical joints and they will more flexible and it means more healthy for these Private message boards the product's name which helps with charter to be flexible to learn what the product from You are here such Brush that you not take into the hands of because we hand you say about the teeth so way blindfolded hands you need
  • 04:32: It will be possible faster because you between competing a clear see space letters that They are as wasps and find out the name of this magic product you then tell We set up one after all We still have four trials all five of them in the hand We like yourself you understand sterile the gift and the level of I ordered is very goes Settle 321 who started the first
  • 05:03: be able to lay down the word of the letters the way they located in the dispersion he shouts name of this remarkable The right to this product that will help joints remain healthy great great letters are unloaded another almonds but I do not I know it's the right answer or not come on liberate girls that they do not I had to stand long tied
  • 05:33: hands for this girl It was the best of Ferenc my life is correct answer because almonds It contains a very powerful antioxidants vitamin and vitamin E. protecting our cells it makes our colors keeps youth and if we we shall use a small amount of almonds every day at least 20 grams of our joints are It can be much easier almonds replace other nuts in the same amount for example it may be are active directory look what
  • 06:04: proud Dasha now it stands yes yes Dasha can be given correct answer He won the 1 we know time to catch the eye difficult conditions you He won the first test our relay race and you the same goes product that It brings health and our youth joints this unique even 20 grams thank you dear I think it is right Thank you for a week yes yes it is a big one week sends this magical product to his Basket and I announce
  • 06:34: next exercise to our joint which is our task The following relay joints we have key we The following test we have a day here These vests are linked you will need to get a box with the following products and at the same time to knead who shoulder joints first gets to product that will open box and see what kind of product but who you win would have seen rose Snezana but dashi Of course a very powerful
  • 07:07: sports gambling today as not only not biting pinching and beat feet you understand that just do not need and begin to pull on command to all it was fair vests connected the elastic ropes there you will move to do so both of the where you would get 1 box will open it see the product which is the purpose of this task in by another point in our relay I beg you
  • 07:37: be careful as far as possible sports and smear ready to let one two three category I thank gained weight no pleasure to positive emotions Sveta they are prevention for
  • 08:07: definitely yes lowered where a 50 horsepower anyway turned out that whoever neither won we have learned that apples is too product useful for What is it rolled up in including apples They contain large quantity it is firmly on the material protects our collagen fabric provides it more in Collagen is the skin of some of which actually are our bundles our surface articular it is desirable to eat
  • 08:37: one two apples a day with skin for people who for example there Problems inflammatory the nature of the joints very good to drink 2 liters per 100 I apple a day just apples finely cut filled cold boiled water infused During this hour fluid intake it is possible to specify a second it is not compote apple does not jam it is boiled water poured that all necessary elements still fell into the body. even in a single product
  • 09:07: that goes on benefit our joints this apple by our quiz becomes 11 and we have yet to come Three products for which our participants need will fight on line exercises for hands and finger joints so here we have teacher taught them in music here and so develop first with one hand on one hand those that's how just lift joints on the other there especially in winter when it is cold practically training before match which
  • 09:37: will be very interesting for you probably familiar because you are a girl and you have a daughter we Pauline truth too small that she plait braid is not so you may still Now plait braids our helper and the quality too will check values need to and make quick and qualitative one good quality beautiful braid all hair girls will almost the same who from 1 you cope with the task will get more one bug winning pass please perfectly
  • 10:08: your name Oleg Olechka Vodicka and Alina Olechka yes you Girls ready for you ready for hairstyles umnichki 12 went so dasa clear more fussily so fit to this point color you can watch to what extent quality dasa weaves cash but quickly my time as already as my spit is ready earlier than yours and so turned
  • 10:39: completely identical braids were Jeanne also good but even a little faster I cope with this job and because very worried Dasha course tried fellow Dashunka you trained We feel like developed joints when you braided yes yes yes yes Of course while you are nothing notice because the task What was found which product is useful health and this point thanks rezinochka MNA spits you already can say that kind of product It is thanks to great and helped us a lot
  • 11:09: What is so useful in the we have it for the joints we have this product which contains enough 1 of nutrients which is ascorbic Acid is involved in the synthesis of collagen that is, that collagen which as a matter of fact responsible for flexibility and general structure of our joints and ligaments heroes in pineapple have bromelain is substance has protective properties to our joint shoots inflammatory processes if uses 150 200 grams of pineapple at least a couple of times it will be seen
  • 11:40: not enough to hide joy, even Tregubova wants We get your it of course and will present to sing and Here's a thank you beautiful 3 test Travel we already know three products which beneficially It affects the state our joints apple and almonds Pineapple account in our quiz 21 favor yes but this is because ahead of two more product and therefore two very interesting test and chat will now be
  • 12:11: exercises knee the task uncommonly interesting, I'm sure that you have to deal with it Hurray here the coveted product which will bring winner this part of the relay Another point that's balls fitness pump and using This pump is necessary fitness ball pump foot it so you will develop knee and When you pump up fitness ball you're at it there Great horns We need for them
  • 12:41: keep jumping Who of you will open 1 this box to get the product itself Add to cart but you already know that it is very nice please go to their positions are you ready my dear yes maybe Snezhana even I wish you good luck forward oh my god Daria and in the meantime
  • 13:18: Snjezana ah yes. docha you can jump on it there Snezana I took a carrot and product useful for joints sent to you in Shopping cart and the score becomes 22 How useful carrot for joints carrots
  • 13:49: this valuable foodstuff in first a little beta-carotene and carotene in this very carefully protects our joints supports them elasticity Beta-carotene is stable heat processing and so He is well absorbed as well as of crude cooked carrots can add to a wee bit olive oil or sour cream and eat it a salad or such as the dishes that carrots added somewhere 1 medium carrot and day it is enough that the number of Beta-carotene is we need to
  • 14:19: joint protection received by the server so we're going the goal we have left another product useful for joints and by the way it is critical products crucial test because now our quiz by 22 all hard Now you can manage show all his abilities joints because The following test and respectively, and exercise all joints of our body That band impediments
  • 14:49: It causes you to be flexible at the beautiful As always in such do your compositions razomnutsya and we are with you thereby Testing learn more one product that our joints rather useful to let The first is a test will be Snezana because it I won in the previous tests you need It will be possible quickly get through the maze of filaments but also with Another task is not hurt not one thread if you zadenesh some of the strands is
  • 15:19: add another 5 seconds to the time for you will pass this maze I pinpoint the time with a stopwatch and light, I ask you Sveta count the number the affected thread we see this because everything flashes even to you I did not take Test how Snjezana a hint for yourself you have to we can turn Snezana you start ready I'm ready time It went great start times but it's enough
  • 15:53: hard oh Now I do not understand that do and time, stop and so Jeanne Arc you overcome this labyrinth, I I believe with fiction at twenty two seconds, and I touched twice these twenty-two seconds we add two times five 10 seconds
  • 16:23: It obtained 32 seconds great Go Dasha there where she began test so I Updating and stopwatch as soon as you say you're ready Dasha you can ready to start We started so that you see that but it was enchanting I think yes course but even once the cause
  • 16:54: thread and therefore to 9 omote for 9 seconds Seconds pro flight trials we add another 5 seconds and obtained a total of 14 seconds we dressed finally to the grave mother thank you for sloom yourself today a quiz devoted to product beneficial for the joints Dasha and I won I hurry about it report because Dasha very sought victory though rival Snezana It was as always great and yes absolutely worthy thank you from the bottom to the
  • 17:24: what kind of product for which you are so quickly galloped through the maze please open our such secretion completely great very simple product it beans and please pay attention to the color more on this dark the balance or the red Pascal to to our joints all collagen tissue in the body OK synthesized updated needs such element as manganese and now includes beans manganese enough many daily need for manganese July 5 milligrams and 100 grams of salt
  • 17:54: contains about 30 must be at least 50 to 70 grams of beans eat twice week in addition beans contain Group b vitamins is too, the same participants synthesis connective tissue and so we have identified During the relay 5 remarkable products that uncommonly beneficial for all the body and the joints in particular as well as even won in her basket three products This pineapple and almonds but beans and basket Snezana is not empty wonderful apple carrots and modest dear friends, but
  • 18:25: believe me quality this product give your joints qualities too but I promise you that if do you really gather to cook I come to you with soup their beans Well, son, nasal we promised Daleko quiz winners waiting for the opinion of the prize our super coach Anita is lutsenko as the best fitness machine to and so for joints general state health Sveta but you give us so much useful today He told about please give winner Get this simulator
  • 18:55: and we can chat it Now experienced such it's like a little some very fashionable and in my opinion it is still you will show his fortune health and any listen to my show but really there a counter and a very Snezana glad that you liked this jump rope because you too well I fought and this super trainer and so gets 9 nice right
  • 19:27: look especially when you do something useful for its health so Here's how to jump working universal simulator available to each and we have got absolutely thank you for all great be healthy