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  • 00:00: I would like to tell how to tune in volume because vision how to see auras people see the emanation vibration emanations can not explained that this It is this radiation vibration coming from the living and inanimate objects on nonliving, too, have vibration applied somehow teenager well
  • 00:32: something in the likeness the smell of which could focus shrouded object it was his Well, the smell of his Vibration emanation fields as they see that their we will look to see the left and right eye and look at the point we look. if you did speed reading that is I explained how to
  • 01:02: see not. see page here here it will look see page with to see how the amount of you can learn see the amount that is we can see apple you look I'm on the way you look Now look at the apple run as time-time-time-time i.e . we are looking you need to look left eye on one edge clouds right eye the second valve bulk change caresses him as spooky as
  • 01:33: exactly like this look better on some spherical transparent surface and see perimeter and not the void that within this sphere, and that's part we expand Despite the fact that in between my hands here is it so It looks all at once
  • 02:04: we see peripherals vision, too if if you watch grow Now you can see how the rays outgoing fingers am I I do not know how to video give and give opportunity to give here to try surface
  • 02:36: We try to reflect let's take a little darker a notebook Black in the sky also videos We have already seen seen over-all even mally small
  • 03:07: Micro do not see sight it is out of focus seen how Pydna discharges such as gorelochka small fingers sprout money between between fingers of you can do view or on white background look or on the black background there where all the colors there is a green hard to see visible bulkiness also between
  • 03:38: if hands look a man look Well that is not the point you see there is not anything because He will look to pass on next thing which further who firmly vibration you need see soft vibrations are that here and here watch them watch field to look at this vibration around people who watch them
  • 04:09: interact They can influence the it is not in this video we Now we try see thin field innovations for his We try to take an object and try once all take some amount
  • 04:39: try to see it all and expand v-neck view and then it is already possible to look at micro-currents that proceed brief psy Thank you for attention bye