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  • 00:00: good afternoon or evening Dear visitors channel here such here Homemade chicken sausage with you now prepare delicate very tasty and simply useful mun recipe for cooking which we It needs 500 grams chicken breast fillet 100
  • 00:30: 20 milliliters interest cream 1 garlic clove 2 chicken egg tea salt spoon sweet paprika peppers chili red parchment not some So begins the rope cook sausage knife this chicken fillet cut into
  • 01:00: into pieces and steeper 2 ti fillets we shift in add the pot one-fourth teaspoon pepper spoon here is one
  • 01:30: fourth one-fifth even chili peppers and here We add one teaspoon with small mound of salt Food fine even we extrude one clove of garlic separate the protein from the
  • 02:02: yolk the resulting protein add our their mass and mix from and here will also be 100
  • 02:32: milliliters leaked the whole mass thoroughly mix at medium speed resulting minced spread on greaseproof paper I begin to form our sausage for He wants to displace
  • 03:05: the middle Yes, as it were inside
  • 03:38: later accumulated enough the soul and a bit Now this diameter
  • 04:08: it we would approximately the length will base bars there if we have to he rolled up respectively diameter of not less captivity bar Now take rope twist
  • 04:45: tying these here rope strong knot , we have a strong go in the base principle can be differently put
  • 05:15: unscrewed long quietly like this our driver and minced there's all business Now it is clear from this hand here as well weight until it stops in minced nabilsya more tightens normal start to dodge like candy will run
  • 05:45: candy rolled up We wrap our blog here it is necessary grounds Of course it is more convenient together to make ties hold or vice versa
  • 06:16: the very bottom of that All plump lip this sausage is now I take a rope I bind here very tip Ruslan found it is black and here and so
  • 06:48: throw . tightened forming a sausage for what it is It has little to do contractible our sausage what it's done for the fact that in the process of work we speak she does the cooking
  • 07:18: little will to expand it we have not much expanded form has not lost since as beautiful as we can tying more Voros wall should want
  • 07:50: suffice not enough time associate justice and to this end translators just do not need need to cut put now the same done with the other become a federation of us again
  • 08:21: cavalli It is now easier Cartoons cottage under this and a small cup yes blue girl
  • 08:59: then we came just enough, I still wall contract all enough to connect our edge and cut off the excess also need to trim we just such a sausage
  • 09:29: you formed Now we will cook and you say we it We have to put three bags plastic bag we take laid air as possible longer omitted here I am really I love
  • 09:59: 5 rope window tie on the door This is a string just to not hit water again fold it next package such insurance for Russian 3 1 screw their We produce little I turn off
  • 10:29: tying last 3 air drives take a container back to our
  • 10:59: humored mask climbed in size and fill slightly less than half Cold water is adjusted to the boiling tucked and to boil We omit our bag leash and diminish heat to low then little Vlada we boil and cook
  • 11:29: sausage in a a position to 30 minutes had passed 15 minutes after the start of cooking that is, you see but the water is boiling a little bit so it is normal for to our sausage on Rambert we cook properly turn over to the other side is now will boil at
  • 12:00: the other side still leaves 15 minutes have passed 15 minutes HUS is ready to mass there we cooked 15 minutes turned and another 15 minutes and 10 minutes, I added to this is now flip ie we have the same temperature us 2 that it is, much as you said 40 minutes take out It is seen on the already holds
  • 12:31: form hide our politicians hot from can your sausage
  • 13:02: a wooden surface gently and let it so it cools down for 40 minutes after half hour match sausage podostyla choose it in the refrigerator one and a half to two hours to full cooling and formation passed two o'clock, our sausage is ready remove a sample of such us to get
  • 13:39: section we store the sausage for no more than five days then that's the same straight parchment paper here to have it We did not fail all pleasant appetite old husky subscribe channel all that is good and to new meetings on the new recipes