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  • 00:00: you are the king of the glorious cargo I'm an alcoholic friend my you again and Kostjan smooth friendship and I love Daddy, I do not think that he should eat every day otherwise plus you once and you die on imports but I I love burgers Burger King of McDonald's call junior ah I love kfc and Pepsi Of course I have polarity because kfc it is chicken and I love chicken and today we
  • 00:31: try to save repeat buns recipe kfc in home to business we approached tactically We bought large number of wings east, and I think there all all clear that wings fried in boiling oil before it being dipped them in the batter but breading can mouth Kostya different spices what spices we took scored Africa pile of chili sharp and acute Cayenne pepper Italian herbs
  • 01:02: this case flavor and seasonings smoking there are very many things are mixed inside it is possible to Well, we decided to collect I do not suffer, and to take right here on during the actual spices unlikely course will once the first time instant replay exactly the same taste but which of kfc approach can be very much so we have here such here needles needless to us We need flour need
  • 01:33: starch why on lip Starch yield just need to crust to starch crust becomes more crisp and there so special reception we take boat corn you can do without them but if they are to stretch it you get these are the crispy crackers on the surface of your chicken okay chased to start making beak two parts flour 1 starch portion that is, suppose if we go 4
  • 02:03: tablespoons flour then we have it well of course, plus or minus 2 tablespoons starch with a slide that of spices like think what number but Solen start this business I'll get will give you by spices of Africa I I think here It requires half I tablespoons I forgot paprika and chili Now try that you is not through
  • 02:33: made paprika tablespoon paprika yes yes there is one and a half it is not so sharp like bath and many chili chili to taste little boots Arrow just so on the right Italian cuisine but here's my bet so we add all perfectly cleverly
  • 03:04: versa why should we Cayenne pepper sides different flavor give sharpness and tighter fragrant and other condiments. in this case I I think dispense half a bag yes do not skimp on spices you may far enough a lot and you will be partly right but needless meat we have not prosalivaetsya not Marina did not at all not doing so all taste all so to speak grades will be exactly But in this plan now here is what we've got, we
  • 03:34: diluted with water to a state is It makes the state or liquid or cream and any such kefirchik to filter personality this park is perfect will penetrate into all slits our hen and now we need to cut our wings would cover is not I cut here some trash on
  • 04:04: Indeed but usually It consists of 3 parts as a least 1 2 and 3 thin tip wing we do not need because there virtually no meat there is a bone of it burn it in it actually no make any sense therefore we immediately the same remove it, we do not needed and so well, that we then gave some trash the dermis we there is also not particularly We want now this one incision measles shelf
  • 04:34: open wing Here we see two bones and between cut off from the bones we get two portioned pieces though as you think whether it is possible to do so the hip or makarom legs a proper simply glamor pieces were one the size of soup they alike began to see clearly but about 250 rubles 50 of about 200 rubles the probably will be 1 midstream always
  • 05:05: Double or is such a huge pile of you bought themselves wings remind that we here like say batter marina learn tractor whole thing in him they are there stroll spices imbued with slits Essentially you want something add but of course leave so their stand on some time let they are there program Tietz , This is theoretically can no longer fry
  • 05:35: issues it will tasty and fragrant crispy but still well greater torque fragrantly possible Add to all this the case is still as I shook water recreation see to it I have taken the most kick cheap seeing sugar-free label because in FIGS us need sugar in our but we derive wings These buttons are very
  • 06:05: large therefore already a little mash Technology for man does not Well, that was the master some pieces Now here you can add flour to about 1 to 1 ruble to know the full Flower took the Japanese play up oil do not skimp on butter if you take oil know that sometimes it goes on shares
  • 06:35: for every type 5 306 days there with the name particular store very often it He begins to understand how Once you start pour cooking take at least some less brand and the smell it all will not you boletus and warmed to then cut permanent laundering we hand batter their Now all the country We understand and then will only prepare We get pieces of one
  • 07:05: good so could not piece sticks we scan We shall do this surgery to victorious see the end ready if our oil that the tabernacle to hiss all boils chic begin to throw our but small wings number if we we will throw too much oil will very quickly it is necessary to sing to put the matter on flow I think things through 4 It is just right
  • 07:37: as we think fry their bone I think chicken wings that we They planned formidable flakes obtained very very crispy but they were similar to that in kfc but maybe you do not they want to here it was so straight you coward crunch I want to batter I was on the softer In this case, we We try to show You can then use oatmeal
  • 08:08: herculean difference between shooting as the street World've got shorter can be used Now these are the words not they are thinner and more delicate and our remaining wings we We try to make them and tell you what difference and here we there is 4 pieces them, we plan to oatmeal and see what is the difference at the output on output sockets something By the way here is the the amount of chili
  • 08:38: peppers acute and so on we have added is sharp but slightly sharp wings it is who loves actually there to all burn on exit then add I do not know twice, even but it will be like I would be so serious and sharp wings fly ram oat crackers more thin more so gentle in their batter should get less crispy because batter with corn
  • 09:08: flakes he did not know but I do crunches crunches no USN fragrant but awesome generally very crunchy, these should get a little tenderer let's see what this will be closer to the original recipe kfc to supplement those who love witty chili wings with it cornflakes the viewer has
  • 09:42: led grateful burn and cellar it was opened to we tried do oat wings flakes oatmeal Gold soft plaid head soft corn very very . like matter oatmeal they make a piece of meat nice increase and size you but they so to speak they consider slightly palely how can hell how can this
  • 10:13: to avoid enough added to in dry breadcrumbs teaspoon turmeric yellow to all Keychain Heinz Heinz sauce cheese to the bold but
  • 10:46: save the cheese okay if kranty boyfriend home barking and me and so the house is fine where is briefly what to me more like it not so powerful crunchy flakes like with corn flakes me embroidered oatmeal and purely as appearance teaspoonful spoon of turmeric to they too were here Such flaps are very delicious no
  • 11:16: no complaints except one if you want to witty not claim add comments there anymore chili pepper Sai was Kostya Well dear friend of even if the top of the bush put the huskies subscribe to You can eat more quietly subscribe to our channel until all