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  • 00:03: cook chicken roll mango I need to measles zest of lime lime juice wiped pepper coconut oil fillet of milk and Manga I can cleanse
  • 00:30: wrote Philippe little Stripping I laid on the button
  • 01:20: sanek I want this manga
  • 01:36: turn off and zhutiki bond toothpick kari war could brother hurt
  • 02:02: website criticize and both in their poppy but let medics
  • 02:43: it was removed in refrigerator overnight but on the beach I shift heretics form
  • 03:07: smazhem little oil for example on a table spoon less is more speak send it in the oven
  • 03:32: including 200 degrees pouring the marinade stewpot bring to boiling I boiled doing small fire and Dips five minutes Bake for 15 minutes at turned on the top and bottom 200 degrees and 10 minutes grill included
  • 04:06: silage transfused sauceboat pull toothpicks fall with boiled rice basting sauce original and beautiful let's see what the taste
  • 04:35: juicy taste nice manga He gave juiciness sweet so happy Rolling with Lenka so good mix a little sweet ski back good tasty dish Chicken rolls with manga ready Bon Appetit