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  • 00:00: a channel hunter today prepare cherry the first with no required for test flour cold water cold margarine pinch salt for filling Cherry has cleared remove the seeds You can also canned use cherries sugar and flour vlozhik dissolving the salt cold water I sift the flour on
  • 00:32: coarse grater rub the body can also chop with a knife I am adding some kneading dough domeshivaem 100 ready to put the dough and tidy in
  • 01:03: refrigerator at -1 I cook stuffing sugar and flour mix the amount of sugar in depending on how sweet or sour cherry I regard pieces on the dough constantly 30 minutes cooled share one half
  • 01:38: Poland Other slightly less smaller portion I put back pouch and put them in refrigerator again lats shit on here such this form form can be any glass metal ceramic screed unnecessary pour batter
  • 02:09: let things dough residues we ready to strip Roll out on a buffalo when I laid
  • 02:52: completely through one I lean to one side remnants of dough
  • 03:53: to rub When ready to grill I collect the remains of the test carefully placed on a side I put in a heated I turn on the oven up and down 190 degrees on the second tour
  • 04:26: It took 45 minutes sprinkle with sugar Powder now gives to become the first caste and for the pie I took 300 grams of flour
  • 04:57: 135 g margarine 125 milliliters of cold water and a pinch of salt for stuffing 300 grams cherries and 100 grams 2 tablespoons sugar tablespoons flour dough in I got 500 40 but gram for a cake I used 340 grams The remaining dough can wrapped in a film and store in
  • 05:29: freezer until 3 months cherry pie ready Bon Appetit subscribe to Channel place husky until we meet again