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  • 00:00: Making jam in the summer - one of the most important processes of preparation for winter. Gooseberries - the only berry which can be used in any degree of ripe. Green unripe gooseberries are used for the preparation of compotes. Semi-ripe gooseberries are used to make jams. Ripe berries are used to make jelly and marmalade. There is a large amount of pectins in gooseberry. Due to pectin the gooseberry jam becomes jelly. To prepare gooseberry jam, need a little work and gather berries.
  • 00:35: Three years ago we planted a few bushes of gooseberries. This year, they gave us a small crop. We ate most of berries, I'll gather what's left and make the jam. Here is my gooseberries. Take a bowl and gather. Are you going to help me? I wore gloves not to prick on a prickly bushes of gooseberries. We should gather carefully. We have different varieties of gooseberries.
  • 01:05: We ate big gooseberries. We make jam of this medium-sized gooseberry. Berries are gathered. We can start making jam. I washed gooseberries, removed inflorescences and stalks. Inflorescence - this dry flower. I left a little to show. Take a comfortable pot. I have this cookware wok. Intersperse berries in the wok.
  • 01:38: I have two varieties of berries: light and dark. Pour sugar in a ratio of one to one. I chose the easiest recipe and, in my opinion, the most delicious. I like this jam. It is made very quickly. Grind berries with sugar with the blender. You can use a meat grinder. I will do this with a blender at low speed.
  • 02:08: Finish. We need no more the blender. We make the jam on a small heat. Stir periodically the jam not to burnt the bottom.
  • 02:38: My cookware bottom is small, so the jam should not burn, but I'm still going to stir. Jam is boiled. Foam is formed on the top. We collect it and remove in a separate plate. As in a childhood. Then children ate the foam a friendly crowd. I collect it and I will boil jam until thick.
  • 03:08: When the jam becomes thick, it should be stir often, so it does not burn at the bottom. Now check the readiness of our jam. Take a spoon and drip onto the plate. If the drop drains quickly, then jam is not ready and we cook it further. If drop flowed and froze, as we have, then the jam is ready. You can turn off heat.
  • 03:42: We shift to the jars, which I sterilized previously. Take a towel and shift. We decorate the jar lid to jam jar looked more attractive and you have not mixed up it with another jam. We need: decorative napkin, scissors, rubber band and pen. Napkin is big, so it must be divided into four parts.
  • 04:15: Cut. Ready. Cover the jar. Fasten the napkin with the rubber band. Edge napkins can be cut and you can leave so. I cut the circle.
  • 04:49: Slightly. Straighten its skirt - make beautiful. Write with pen "Gooseberries". And here.
  • 05:21: This jam is perfect for baking. It can be added to cereals, as well as just for tea. Cook with pleasure and enjoy! TASTY DIALOGUE WITH ELENA BAZHENOVA