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  • 00:00: but that now hang in many temples Leaflets with accurate readings and no saint or some icon of the Mother of God help one way or another need to change such Circular confusing but as you look at it m Peresvetova Olga D. city Moscow but may be useful and could be unpleasant it all depends on as a man understands himself and the recommendations We understand that only the saint they are any other trouble helps
  • 00:31: data disaster This icon of the Mother of God, they in the case of any other helps us in this trouble of this approach flight planned from wrong transitional approach not only but not religious It is a magical way certain strict action items
  • 01:01: during treatment to certain spirit m affect the resolution of a problem serious approach is definitive excludes then you can ask what for whereas these recommendations it False These recommendations need that's how way to understand lives of certain saints something happened It connects them with our issues
  • 01:34: disease with a specific amount and we refer to them as networks who at one time I prayed about the same and has been heard by God it does not mean that the other is not a saint may I help if we treat the cells it it does not mean that the Lord, we can not help and are stopped or may not help this holy island there
  • 02:04: but Bayern edge on that one so the media will take concrete related something similar what we go through this time and still we we face a lot of them do not treat this request the same in regard to icon mother of God Now let us assume that we know well invasion attack on the house city ​​or take ancient Novgorod Komi we have not got a prayer Novgorod
  • 02:36: deliverance surely God preserve of course if something similar happen legs it is required to Novgorod pray for the protection of his city shall even before the external attacks circumstances likely to come image banner to pray it does not mean that there is no other way help because they do not help the image of a Holy Mother of God helps especially once considers binding
  • 03:07: what close to our state of mind this moment