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  • 00:13: we will continue to exercise a little more difficult we do is fruitful in which will be selling technique purse This technique has many variations is one of the most we can draw simple hand or our materials are fabrics in three
  • 00:31: colors buttons and loosen metro iron scissors and we will We use this time will start by cutting a square of fabric 27 and a half for 27 and a half I felt ironed and the front of the fabric is on the right We will mark one and a half on each side and I will mark a line down the front
  • 01:03: As the fabric that once marked why we love our fabric around and we will board the line marking It is very sensitive we go down the line that we can see and once we iron ironing we will learn to bend our corners will fix it as well we turned the corner we turned the side
  • 01:31: I thought we already had and the other side ironing boards have become very While our clinics Now we talked about having half the leg very well and we will mark our break and do the same Contrary to mark the half ay
  • 02:01: another that once marked our two halves We have a center now let's do as an over Let's fix our tips to that center and let's board and four We ironing once we will make another double over the beach
  • 02:30: let's talk about these corners now our new cen and return to board finished ironing we will measure new square It is important that everyone looks because it may differ according folds in the case of this and 11 centimeters by feel means that my other two colors of cloth will remove the squares of 11 x 60 x once cut
  • 03:00: our cells our square we will choose one for the center and one for the center side is he who gives you permission to do that I bruni place to host this on and put in mistela did and other fabric what I'll do is mark the diagonals and I will tell
  • 03:31: I will be four sections and vana angles and here then we the center and 43 the first thing I'll do is close the about the center yl we celebrate in double knot in the end you should do the same color lame lavalle any criticism again from behind and grab typical of King and eye needles other end and another lame
  • 04:11: tip dani there as I'll finish shenzhen catch one of the triangles put it in my tea the basis that I was a little below no matter on the outside
  • 04:32: I'll put a pin to not it is moving and what I'll do is fold here and sew conjoined Invisible but it does what Invisible computed I can do it stitching a color note then simply we bend over the base fabric triangle as they said gasket that can work He wants invisible and milk forestripping
  • 05:03: I'll do if they have doubts pespunte Stitches review videos earlier he made no progress remember that we should never do more three years he reached the corner He needed not finish I just get another triangle
  • 05:31: crazy with a pin so that it is not being moving and turned back only Now I'm going up Be careful not to catch fabrics below to when opened with Fill look pretty how can I it then entered what my pespunte He went under and saved the hotel triangulito and start again with my
  • 06:00: doubles and continue with my wife Newly arriving at the center do what it only based on the triangle I need not finish if I have still I thread and continue with my answer after finishing sewing all We topped it can be here in the center and hide us score finished
  • 06:33: We realize that they are larger though let's do we eat one of our three fabrics that we want and let's put our agency project ' right against right placed a pins and will cut off the edge Fabric basis
  • 07:01: now we will simply close We can do it together hand machines We can do it together hand steak or simply with machine sewing the edge the only important thing is to leave a space by which I will beat pincushion Once cooked we will simply turn how he turns a corner because always the farthest part to the
  • 07:33: hole then we draw the corners with the country and we help us to hit now we back to work for cotton with silicone to reach We begin to fill pushing and First let's fill with corners with the corners filled there if We fill the rest of the steak for
  • 08:03: close together is very simple, Invisible knot between fabrics came mistelas now have double that tells where the plate is seam peace to the fabric front and as the double back to the front and passed through the double
  • 08:30: back to the front passed through the double and when squeezed is lost completely aim is the fruit of the building Finally the black with a needle and bind a fairly strong thread one number at the tip and thickness as I put in the middle I go to the other side returns
  • 09:00: I will make again and tighten or to give shape to the future do another again and now me is the button you have chosen rock and he topped hope you enjoyed
  • 09:30: a nice gift especially for who like sewing now that He approaches on Mother's Day for all integrated more