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Manualidades Van Gogh - Patchwork sin agujas - Girasoles - YouTube

Manualidades Van Gogh - Patchwork sin agujas - Girasoles - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:06: 7 Biennial and has promised to return to welcome her hu are ready It strike in the class who were staying Pasco this second especially in the second followers class has to be very attentive ada until today this
  • 00:30: part of it so beautiful it really liked acting so good and if you want to learn much do anything wrong whoever the I set to mark all adoption law thing for that girl who can really she did not put buts that belong lerma makes things bigger the problem may be seminars you attend a course makes this play plays very good afternoon friends a new week starting p as second class kant said blind and narrow the matter goes and kidnappings diptychs
  • 01:02: by astor theater I did well in Lahore on Wednesday millán today I could just put the eye on the business a day fabric held out the cardboard pen everywhere there was almost nobody I have a quantity of stock this day where lab leader iberia Decide on the work they are still in the Canary Islands showed that brazilian know to be but who brought a little It is to do now been taken to hospital Eat well known as 50 plots week
  • 01:31: two of them were 25 and runs and tractor side and stop gain and nothing Stay clear attack on the act but because the need for workshops and or tortilla this deal is currently 64 trusts and cups I always regretted local debases their homework and they are incorporating new student and GAMP work manises first he has shown that is not finished started salazar luciana We had a certain It was the first lytic than the limited how nice it is today the linguist castreña this work is well
  • 02:00: p ready to come and This does not mean that the person being teeny not no what Adds a day the second is also now sd this Madrid They are also for sale you if that comes in the kit the two captured maderitas time ever Unger well carton this model in which the tape is for more I assure you that I form the sea It has all the fiat part Morelos napkin six models
  • 02:31: Vistilla did not put what was abuse cases so small bullet campino in which we will do in day will come complete her Petkovic There you fancy one girl one child and there is a Madrid hotel Pinarius the affordable price as much three thousand pesos mediated fourth meeting was an easy time and I left a lot for a week if exhausted we must do more of course protest for today we will work day some sunflowers so
  • 03:00: Last week I worked with napkins the tour will be cremated arteaga does what it believes to do this tour highlights the sun rises sunflowers percent solé basic paint or mask which sold for handle as a lack in the bank use a lot to do and what fighting ILFC money looks dirty energy saving beautiful flower all sleeps 11 the French countryside of general interest and tax were from which they can Barenboim has resulted noted that now will be appropriate next Pirate
  • 03:33: the other day you sit and napkins with girdles and now let's stick a piece of cloth on the carton Uria how can we stick cold glue little cups a method andy desire nothing more or any desire to have it we stretch percent We do not need weapons that can not cut racconto I do not go through oblivion It is the first step good as ever and I have are Al Asad as this time must be left music wake least two hours stuck to
  • 04:04: left dried pisa why second step we design and want to work this case I have here and sunflowers conkal transfer it co linden The skull model also alarte process we saw last class adp us army or scalpel and he accepted the cuts This is a mystery and it
  • 04:31: increase stores it in vain in the library not found IAEA realized that I did not understand the subject and can parma He threw five doctors the other blades fesec IATA forecasts lie I have this built-marked live all cut and all life all cut vines design tragedy is a fairly simple design for the Ecofin I want to show something
  • 05:00: the petals are all equal so that the former has a central circle and wind these petals ethyl as a second leaf behind which are also all equal with those I took the respective templates I center carlos katy simply Tarque to court PETA have is that one and the petal cows that would be what I Flower shape then with this same I'm a piece of middle and scored napas
  • 05:34: here helps to become a downy Guti the Setién napa na I am a bakery in a thin waist map It has also been great you can put double in the bakery unless We proceed to cut this This is the first part we cut the webs ras
  • 06:01: borderless simply by fax he was cut and this same way I already have advanced cut here I cut my petals all going to get to work in the same way marqué on the web I'm going to take LatAm suit fabrics for this project to the center it occupies decide on a score with puntitos
  • 06:31: for the two horses to the green state in the words of sunflower witness believe ciberokupa They cited frames I can share that view he does not want to be teeny xii O well this other peel of sunflowers quilmes antenna rotates without choosing what will be armed with this They are the same fabrics and the same fabrics and then to the Marchioness and ocher the company does not get something that says I should do that
  • 07:00: it is difficult to make sense of style because it did not prevent very small forwards are very tiny we will then begin with it and for that center a child put a little silicone only for the batt will not move I have everything cut support fabric on colón napa and two
  • 07:30: I warn you and I go It is stimulating the main part of a vessel a detail of another day failed to mention that it is very important when steven embutían 2 unda not batt batt thus possible crown ventured and we're looking only the arrival of the bird because as he noted in footnote entity very very narrow IFISC another thing when larger things like this case a duo here and fixed to the front
  • 08:04: so I can not run Atila way as a cross We're up and look juve and now just simply the multi which platini who still is very sad chair This is a week brand remains of wood and seek guardianship or design we have to do workshops which ideas are very lucky
  • 08:30: rather he had the tri coast batteries for each project has been small by example now for Christmas percent are already working with it I'm with Christmas very kind Intel morning sail Class 3 but we'll keep doing some we are following their presentation assumption to use force against four I promised classic and we will resume mediated by the people in November had some holiday classes have some things for television that we will do titicaca means less has the EAA and the square filled and we must girlfriend
  • 09:03: mourinho's nonsectarian sink must see while the second roll argelia I will apply here today apply this other that are staggered whether high Japs series I can put speck I have my petal and cut but how much the height of the nasa I am with the medium sized INAPA and media marketing
  • 09:30: I corralled the most pathetic thin petals arrival the álvarez midnight aguilar brasilia pepa generate the same harmonic ideally have here petal made a small margin centimeter cubero and the other is left in the cavity in which as only we in putis and 70 we follow the process st carton as it is called averaged milestone this one of the courses
  • 10:00: lady give an active is fine and cta I can say that when you work from here as mosaics or not their bank board and heaviness are Gerra palmitas the industry lie zonzo in step needleless nor all good and ready the natality here we go Chilean my friend and see what you're looking 100 basis
  • 10:31: thinks will be painted Aljazeera good as this Nobel peace before they are a featherweight cardboard carton Chema as pumas It is a kind of plumavit which it comes from both sides lined cardboard carton purchase would adhere no foam or cardboard pen but this style percent of what to draw up a ayala fabric that scares them web now says the mixture to give an idea of ​​heaven in this case look how we said
  • 11:01: Sunflowers are famous in France and in fact painted them bango yy is that while this box is bangkok more expensive than was sold It is now in a Japanese bank Hence in a ceremony with the entire database on acquisition its famous Van Gogh Sunflowers this They will go on as I say I have to apply went pretty far more advanced
  • 11:31: we know that this is exactly the same pull model Armando now time what part I like about this or because you liked it because there work had framed a more complicated thing when you picture that they have marked because they are road redialing sobretot I do not know how marked Iraq So far we have finished both jalapos garlic in two colors to the centers did here
  • 12:00: both an important detail when he came down here moths simply back fabric stuck it back thereby moths 6 how we will embark this I have a piece of trupan that this wood in Mexico City It is painted white then gave a green base you're in the back ace luis a margin of three centimeters
  • 12:30: flu this text has an average of 30 centimeters and 25 centimeters July 9 by hand yes and now AP Photo I recommend you always look for the framework for this employer Of gas a piece of wood mdf made place we call our trup is used in plasterboard is left to the area near
  • 13:00: Johan Santana min You need help with the costs it has had on the contrasting fabrics antón shopping why I say less favored box office but can affect p were many but I have in my shop even what Christmas dinners that if I did have a few chips 25cm underground salt countryside thousand pesos CITIC Bank announced no
  • 13:35: and then the same thing another day simón which they did not see the show last week entering the group Crafts bank and still there and I know that lost testimony of this witness two of those decades and which constitutes a more complex point Toyota took the same cardboard slats even a little malpelo
  • 14:01: forrest 1 I'm not that point this altar that whatever it is Meanwhile I have Already signed the well spokesmen for this work how nice that is the grace of all is to have a character city
  • 14:32: similar to what they are doing now as dsk kit I will denver suffice and millán of serna not want to promise tomorrow because maybe because so you can think again appeal at dinner that ended prove I 15 25 much hope not because I like it not repeat and is it the same thing often flows we will be much more with freedom of expression it is not working history
  • 15:06: yes faint and diffuse as they say in the 15 n I happened today there are sale is all part of the act this technique while Manchester United center If we have this is the project so we should be
  • 15:30: finished just after giving leto and played with some step here is a tone spend the particular day and yes this project 10 to 14 work without brainer Yes basilio one who has to go now asked the other day by efe buses always have to make the fund attend It will depend d design in this case the design is flat but let's say that next week a draft to make the fund must Burela start panel Photo but it will always be on the project so
  • 16:02: gelateria age homes assistance evolves and if you have a good couple said partly based on force could be to study and gives the thanks x marc fair also highlighted rising from a state of scissors but there are shock pensá in which the residues are and the campito am with classes 100 days Tuesday honey was neal morning and Thursday afternoon Syria
  • 16:30: without forgetting peace in it for the title paracer it the little girl's crime O well the legality all come at least be different in each eye model in that model can be greater india designs can make various combinations game 5. If we take account is six conversions 2 about four points mathematically because in several models and to work so no other
  • 17:01: eads they feel in this bazaar This is very fast also such a situation moe percent percent state owes announce classes st Azkena percent unemployment nokia I do not held not at the moment we are seeing Monday steerage our pastor needleless almost nothing in the end you're wondering what day it becomes clear loud crash Tuesday afternoon grandson in my school late morning i
  • 17:34: on Saturday there I have rechista bed 94 hours a day 80 96 if press and actuates sale and 4 80 cm 94 because his flight year 80 hahaha race people added this size chen ochenteros 80 96 94 80 96 very easy tender me good low hand is extinct Enough benito camps and I am the game Friday Saturday and Sunday at the
  • 18:05: first encounter craft desert to organize Spanish leader all day seminar making mosaics and zulia They are inc 3 6 9 seminar today in three days mora 10 people each to register for hilary 'day or contacted in effect I'm fine with people so sick of 12 weeks before choosing you go too long of all let us pause with that longing for
  • 18:31: to return