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Positive from Mamenko JOKES THEATRE of ABSURDITY - YouTube

Positive from Mamenko JOKES THEATRE of ABSURDITY - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:02: Dear friends the so-called absurd humor just means that it is, and so few Premier does absurd situation they say because they say it is more appropriate favorite children's clinic in a hurry but imagine accepted until the patient to wake up the world napoleon but the goalkeeper with the media demolition commander pond dozen I am not the commander of diasporas
  • 00:31: It is gold such a purpose very serious why BATE immediately there are other options we like sisters at the entrance of a person who claims Dr. Web on the background of exactly half half and touched a two cancels which will Now it does not happen you will let to face back to me and disembarkation I'm testing the MOE Indians fruit Polish and again began to prepare well Starchenko
  • 01:00: 22 nevertheless appreciated in the home does not happen at least through the curiosities and funny case advice while at the bus stop Ambassador, two young guys seedlings were found to be correct Now come look at your song city Well Well Well done seems to be able decide to group 400 includes a bus one of them simply do not have please tell us on this bus it Berry Red Square And you just do not have a second way
  • 01:32: This rebellion Fedorov, only the last We celebrate the birth of friends countries leaving smoke and tear seals drunk people fleeing for double the taxi rank do a dialogue with the taxi driver TJS in fact dance an impression that is constantly around us go play theater of the absurd no more and no less
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  • 02:31: they porsche singing underground series theme he He understands that it is necessary to immediately 6 bridges damage is not yet planted so go with open arms the way of life District lava almost I arrived but this here iron birds but she broke trunks she does not work NATO to her why and I will meet but there is no spam to bring gifts banks your kids I larvae to you and
  • 03:01: presented because they are afraid, we are all friends yes you know and the air but it's clear that this talk that the translation there absurdity is no longer thought about the image thinking I was told you had bought the car at him said who bought the and the color is beautiful when you are stunning a sunset seen Of course Moscow lake etc. power and controlled by lifestyle
  • 03:31: Salesmen polish socks drink studied Catholics from Omsk tower swore you will go to Moscow Pakhomov Banks ask you fresh Euro texts Take the best sheep representatives of the green dragon is also not behind remnants of sharks want more
  • 04:04: such a person I was fun there are problems coincidence I am going to do but did not ask drink but there is a calcium he skillfully by Sholokhov club Nechitailo
  • 04:30: then old boy wave left although they may not bank numbers on the taste of beer USD two bottles of vodka please In general it seems to me that without such a humor the jury was this funny so nice to know that artists ready to give this theater of the absurd becomes less