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What will not teach you at school to - YouTube---video

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  • 00:01: everyone in this country must learn programming computer because it teaches you think steve Jobs who you want to become when you grow up Olivia astronaut I I want to be a fashion designer I basketball player I want to be an actor doctor who the artist you want to be when grow mermaid know that such programmers
  • 00:32: that has something to do with some codes mysterious I think that the program few programmers then no almost all invisibility It is the result programming because what is it programming is team meek explain computer you need to he has made you their
  • 01:01: is that a software programmer usually picking the seam itself it is not about the creation of the universe and the computer how to make the gas one of those unique things ready to just sit down and do it completely new cord with well anything cheers Hurwitz you is not the same most that play instrument or to engage in solutions It is something that initially scare but this can be why deal HIV can be feet for hours
  • 01:34: Eventually he did not deters ladovich it's pretty deals Software is simple things much more like a problem solving and sent you think it something far more just as hard next 10 years It will be about one and a half million Spirin vacancies format only
  • 02:01: about 400 thousand between shortage for about million people is the risk that you start I was fascinated by maps when the child cities charm series so I said to myself, he completely a clear objective which I wanted to achieve son, city map to me jump
  • 02:30: put the object on Map of places see what happens how it worked than He lives he comes home first early things to use cookies to paint over opportunity to resolve when passing exam in the sand turn It allowed me play these girls will learn from my class the flash pro hero which program I wrote requested code favorite color of his aura How old are you
  • 03:00: bodily hall PIR power which screen I pictured green circle of reeds and the first thing I made you crane waves limited to program the transferred coca-cola became old number fool small door someone opens their one after another like light for I completed programs on how full structure color all parts highlighted and you asking its structure
  • 03:30: This guilt is really saw and piercing and the feeling that you're It brought to an end that some of these time out to understand that to follow things with their hands and write con site programs is just another creative way to I think that the expression in our time develops cultures jam are people who Next Property designs scarves hats
  • 04:00: people who write own Nothing App end Brahman Rose you go I do not can be achieved this theater a new understanding of 42 It was previously impossible reach All the greatest things are in command this can work with other smart people leave but the idea Rome four that's what comes across
  • 04:30: I do not hastily it's just a flash separate changing the man who plan programs read and textures translated in a row most he then takes place when several people drawn to a wave co create something availest Mashkov and much more greater need program to the world men who wrote the code to than ever can be at the grain I have this on the charming hollow ball and get Kuze do better
  • 05:00: so as perhaps simply fantastic to free Play lunch averlands imported laundry and snacks
  • 05:31: the game can go own boat per troops Now there are many interest and where play or warlocks just talk think, or 30 events if we imagine United States a pie 3 Only the horns usually takes the work does not work Sep usual rule technical work start prague
  • 06:00: greater part of the enemy because on the astral plane small thin all layers possible home computer anywhere their hands may work seven positions It can run on sunset on the machine's simply put everywhere thirteen thousand
  • 06:30: year, all dependent on their river technologies This is a communication banks emotion she built not know how to write correctly programs guys still you can add the there is an idea that can be improve our program that the more you can do euro to the skilled worker that I noticed and jumped Schumacher home study programming is capacity difficult to overcome
  • 07:00: do and how money they appears erotic thinking they learn to solve the problem of the fact that they sat down to a close, we do not network to improve skills soup or not dick It says no expressed on the right and suit in the scientific discipline itself skolzkovato rating increased by 30 interest when we I learned of He remained at extended training on I watched my house personally and brought such case does not calm down, I think
  • 07:31: it's cool I can bit and many of my friends have a job loved children It can be transferred learn to understand computers have become full-fledged citizens to choose the right road great wrong idea of information program first volume of the singing
  • 08:03: songs fracture did care check here too it does not control harder than the table multiplication you need to be seat to readers learn math is not clear that if someone told me that the software software helps whether to use and restaurants
  • 08:34: programming is just deals Varlet more slots Novak that studio because he can take and those and those to draw all reasonable welding millions of people will see this idea you can first generation which can get a clingy programmer tomorrow subjects like its magic and night about as if you had a magic force when neutrality cyclosa themselves the closest thing
  • 09:00: which exceeds by Rusi good as a programmer super rock stars here I asked to start learn superpower come on codes. and Share this movie director of the forest Chilcot executive Producer Heidi partovi Josh producer Lieberman to crossed editor Chris katana chief lag as much as operator targa-based fish he only animations
  • 09:30: He voiced Eugene Malyshev