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▶ Yoga 108 (part 1): Warm-up for beginners - Sukshma-vyayama - YouTube

▶ Yoga 108 (part 1): Warm-up for beginners - Sukshma-vyayama - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: we stand at the beginning of the correlator Camp foot spot glorified craftswomen shoulders their profits are attracting attention bodies it aware of the feeling of breathing relax your stomach to issue live a little deeper pulling wave only even the pelvic floor muscles the perineum
  • 00:31: Once smooth flat roads its revenue slightly bending the knees I put one hand on his stomach on the other cross mc tuck your tailbone under him align pelvic position pelvic floor muscles at the same time denser draw in itself saved flat waist and tight stomach gently straighten the knees
  • 01:03: he must hand over the side lifted up Potter are done nicely unfolded to raise it within sight winning through the hands of the center of Minsk compressing the glottis wherein sound accused reservoir 2 to 3 fold Another smooth houses
  • 01:34: it's long Halonen long exhale slowly draw in the hands of the stomach Jana Bach if you have not yet mastered the diana just That protection tightens the stomach downsizing Satar plant for mule Bank and two more cycles he wants respiratory cycle is completed Jana
  • 02:00: stretch breathing even the two main and the same length smoothly won Another cyclone
  • 02:30: inhale exhale from Tehran with another sigh chery side arms raise the top most likely it to her we start right back over left
  • 03:00: elbow savings bank turned them as far back chin pull excluded Block am new Doha Deputy District Top theanine people live clearly pushing head shoulders back He wrote long he stood on his toes delays upward movement of the right catch balance masks and exhale down deeper heel leave
  • 03:32: lateral tilt god back change hands already received back chin Commission preloaded belly cut is the crown exhalation straighten arms head push your shoulders back Diana inspiratory get up on us ti
  • 04:00: delays are drawn to the left Lyakh Samuel Ahmad embarks heels moving deeper side sloping led a large push your shoulders back not pay package inspiratory back to the center all this home house shooting Jamal to squat by bending it slightly knees in the ranks blue delay shook hands straining muscles
  • 04:30: back and shoulder girdle the main result of relaxed hands Madonna on the level and other all drank fingers stopped right on top protest exhale crouches heap for themselves force pull your hands toward delays fix this position maintaining voltage hands smooth breath
  • 05:01: in my hands hissing exhalation slightly squat Russia stretched toward to pause fix Doll palm finger Places exhale squat draw in one strain is not in Azov good our mother palms including the work of the back muscles
  • 05:35: plans to breath through the side arm up soft hissing breath through his hands in the center month align guard exhale slightly squat four fold to September you no spreads his arms to the side
  • 06:00: Tien million Shvetsova , expand the chest issuing twist the shoulder joints frost collarbone breath spreads his arms to the side and the maximum withdrawing reducing shovels ago thia him Silicium top exhalation Xenia curl Key sister Valya palm, expand, and I owe so much pull your hands toward
  • 06:33: , expand the chest and another longer blades reduce the stronger hand pull back top face in the ranks twist a little faster tilt a little more active breathing breath spread Prague rudders Dafa whereby not handle stress and not to the side in debt as much as possible chest stretched
  • 07:02: cell scapula in its place and exhale wringing maximum force delay greatly pull hand side less body cant well flowing through the two raised their hands torus top hissing out through the centers and more I asked him one more chance maximum hand
  • 07:30: to divorce our reputation thumbs folds hip truth participation of Lenin Bank thumbs Tolkalina refusal shoulders on fire we will be back craning hereinafter stomach chin slightly more than the exhale below tass palm forward to finger's exhale turning bail sit below
  • 08:02: m above the shoulders Inspiratory upward movement We get up at five hands behind his head exhale a county show loyalty preserved in Primorye two smooth upward movement great theater and gradually his games Kalinin for more than 100 roles
  • 08:33: before upward movement above the heel smooth exhale sit just below but not too low somewhere to the middle of and once again flowing to the ear and the last time you squat ranks breathing stops fix pause position
  • 09:01: before his command of the country bright lose heart 100 set location Shrugged craning neck head movement back and forth fingers pull the dome somknite tight fingers That's really the shoulders and down
  • 09:32: progressively greater amplitude of movement turns gave it identified in the right Two plants far back