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Kreyz vul, Necklace, Crazy Wool. A master class, the Lesson 3 - washing and drying. Crazy Wool - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: Good day dear friends with you Elena Victoria simply beer and now coming exciting time because we are We see what is air and a half reduced and consider and see our future Kobe truth wet I recall that I am video tutorial Master class manufacturing careers technique you crazy again I say that for those who does not know what kind of Technology has a lot of
  • 00:31: oil workshops Internet mostly This master class I decided photos make video tutorials in order to make it on vision and more convenient all newcomers will appreciate your comments to do we need to know and my important master classes or not there is still so open so vodichku as we have this bedroom small enough part not Lasik is required just in the sink and Vodicka should be 23
  • 01:02: degrees no longer at a temperature dissolves water-soluble Nonwoven now I see our Chief among years just melts for this he did not even you need to rub or offer any efforts and so I want you
  • 01:30: show that the interlining practically there is a whole chip has gone but me somewhat sticky therefore it must neatly prostirnut hands and big amount soap or shampoo I I take a little quantity remove and quietly strongly May 3 this slightly
  • 02:00: done in order you to the remains of the mother determining if you not good enough Wash it then your necklaces or even any product in the to art will there are several solid if the starched there if you want it is such an effect you can only slightly with a small the amount and minutes Rinse your products in this case the calve I try to wash all is well because that we already
  • 02:30: I work closely I gloves not convenient but you can work without gloves that is, it is Depends on you like as I gloves not difficult determine returned grace or not so I have long so I'm stuck and now we are with you look at what
  • 03:00: like our wet Now we Necklace very neatly Spread Here is the necklace wet it the front side and this side wrong if remember those who did not seen my previous
  • 03:31: and three videos you are welcome Watch this lesson First part 1 part 2 Lesson 2 there I recounts and show that the well go to dry up fourth meeting lesson