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  • 00:00: So good afternoon dear friends with you again i Elena Victoria, you can simply century and at the end my first video video where we did with you Necklace in technology crazy-vul I I dropped my camera and so movie ended, I I decided to withdraw continued here already all just you and We laid all the strings and Now I'm still on top make loops of white threads of which we used to
  • 00:30: first row of just laid low chaotically petelechki such in one layer literally that's all that we do more more We take again the second a piece water-soluble Nonwoven fabric and here Now you want to show why you should be very careful working with water-soluble interlining and work with him only dry hands in no case is not wet here you are
  • 01:00: a drop of water fell and You see what dyrischa the same but the good that it does not It gets on my foundation it will be above it so we I do not interfere in work and that's still here 2 there is such a way that we do we need put it simply on top of our design Now I'll have camera because I I have nothing else it is not necessary to lay before you You will be laid so
  • 01:30: But the second layer on top we must necessarily drizzle with our future stakes varnish Again, we do not sit on so as not to moved risunochek If you do not have anything curled immediately lay rovnenko and press down arms gently without rubbing simply press to Two cut Cheka but
  • 02:00: These two pieces of 2 piece fleece stuck a little between a key to our necklace to us it was convenient scribble Let's check concealing the her all is well paste here a little bit close your pro Squeeze and now we can neatly
  • 02:30: turn on this side, too, presses in principle design small enough but you can already note as a little green I wrinkled it here may be from excess lacquer and is the norm You think it is in the sea Here nothing terrible happened when It does more eg work, too tunic tunic I so-called almost half dress dress a little higher Knee short
  • 03:02: sleeve and so all marched necklace ready for stitching and information, see please my video following though there I will dissipate one's energies pink necklace this is the same stake which made my daughter because this video we shot another yesterday with my daughter she It was my cameraman today until
  • 03:30: I decided to make the spool the first stage and therefore I had to start but do it all tunic I just that's the same color I I use it such strings so it is quite possible that This necklace will complement my tunic Emery can be no they too will look unimportant the most important thing show you the basics and so you were Elena
  • 04:02: Victoria simply until the next century meetings and good luck in our creativity