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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I woke up this morning something so wanted breakfast omelet Now I prepare I decided to show you recipe stunned in the end you will see Nothing not cut we will edit Video will not you see the complete process while I fun for sure you need Hamlet since become hiking in the woods for that
  • 00:32: We need to begin fry some onion a little here at once add in the bass fry the onion and
  • 01:06: again their wait a little probably half a minute He showed no bass starts and son of the words He soldering such very pleasant fragrance fried sausages
  • 01:36: Well, here's the process has begun mask begins fry a and only this plant There are color
  • 02:06: It appears immediately add the following tomatoes ingredient too few cloves cubes sports with this Rome tomatoes where we will be years
  • 02:42: funky smell already such it's all a bit fry salt will not salt will not because the eggs I Salt which prevented We salt and pepper I added it to taste often said
  • 03:13: little tomatoes and the eggs volom strong fry not must my soggy not too We have to leave So
  • 03:48: with roasted scoop style all will be very I think I also can be poured eggs beautiful
  • 04:22: yellow with fragrant pepper I used to not young and scored bell pepper just crushed it, and asleep eggs it is much more fragrant all shops ground pepper such a beauty
  • 04:53: turned but that's not all there looking for secret ingredient we are now wait a bit until the omelet is almost Fire and not to 30 I probably Pause Press
  • 05:24: Whether you're filled exactly half a minute I went there and Now we are doing here So greenery petrushechka but it is still not a secret ingredient so simple greens very nice
  • 05:57: image of our omelet but utopia nice spread but he is somewhere and Now the secret gift nothing secret it's just shredded cheese this is a last
  • 06:32: all broke the record Well we have not missed cheese Belize Now
  • 07:04: we are all cover with lid about one minute It can be a little bit reduce the heat and In a minute we will see we went for a minute when that did not raise
  • 07:36: All prizes will be look together something is such a beauty get cheese melted include here such omelette Today we will have to breakfast Thank you all put Huskies claim years you I liked subscribe to channels try prepare themselves until