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  • 00:02: Hello dear needlewoman and rukodelniki with you I Irina Rudevich and now we learn bind beads Russian way straight rows for we started knitting to link chain of about 40 stitches while we knit this I will explain the chain why we do not breed right product
  • 00:30: The fact that their lessons offline we pupils immediately We begin to knit product case for phone usually beginners make a lot mistakes and then they well just sometimes impossible to get dissolve part products to Correct mistake because it rather laborious especially the process for beginners
  • 01:00: and in the continuous web beads very noticeable errors strong and it will be very sorry if you immediately You begin to knit product and will not be dissolve those who normally refers to blooming can immediately start to knit products for some and so here we are with you typed 40 air tabs Now we close in ringlet connective loop
  • 01:37: We do one air lifting loop is only Collar rise which should be in product your well, or we are now knit pattern and further we begin vyvyazyvayut bars without sc without loops pay rise
  • 02:00: attention that is, we were binding spiral bars without sc several rows ryadochkov 5 is for to you was knit easier beads holding leaf simple because to start you will be very hard right knit beads, and so
  • 02:30: knit about 5 rows and so here we are with you knit a few series we It happened here is please ring attention we were binding spiral without lifting loops This is very important even one moment please note that I was knitting from the inside This is because the ring that we have now, we
  • 03:01: knit straight rows straight rows is when beads is from our knitting that is, we look to the web is not accurate and the web in Product beads will be on reverse side it is called straight lines and so Russian way of binding beads on Hook one loop tightens bead pull hook
  • 03:33: the following loop for provyazyvaniya column, without sc in we turned beads as if in the middle column and now grab the thread without beads already and provyazyvaem column once again tightens bead on the hook We have one hook a loop
  • 04:02: pulling a second loop for the column without sc provyazyvaem tightens bead pulling a second loop for the column without sc provyazyvaem column and so, without sc we continue to knit then do not forget we do it without I'm lifting loops
  • 04:34: Now knit for you have several rows Now look at how it looks like you You may notice displacement on the floor beads are not beads It is one of it is this one characterized Russian way of there is a shift beads on the floor and another beads It is like lie diagonally it too little
  • 05:00: characterized Russian way of it is lying obliquely very convenient for knitting felling Incidentally cutting fit only Russian way English way I and also I tried to tie but somehow it strangely perpendicularly and it becomes bulged not me I like you now I show some linked product of Russian felling way to even now time will show how to knit Russian way tightens bead
  • 05:30: one loop on the hook pulling a second loop for the column without sc and provyazyvaem still very I want to show an error that commit beginners my pupils in specifically it why are there when they knit Russian this way typical error for those who knits with a finger
  • 06:02: Now this is very left index hand very close to the knitting and how to working thread capturing directly to finger Now I tell you I did honestly I do not know as they but now it turns out I'll show you the principle this error means they motivate the bead pull the second loop and this Now this time
  • 06:30: Working thread they once first captured like this But for the bead somehow grabs ispodnizu bead Now and then they provyazyvayut this moment of this loop covering here this bead it as if it I'll lifts Now I show it on
  • 07:00: Here is such an example Case gave me my pupil and you the first case here a lot of red flags glitters is associated from cutting it shines but that's easy to spot here's a look here Just bead it sticking it very It is seen very much strongly in favor of Here, for example cloth bead too although she is a big but
  • 07:30: still it acts here bead speakers and Sports These paintings they beads captured ispodnizu Eric and drink so for this very necessary watch because then here it is hilly belt does not here is my beautiful cover I knit from cabin's look the perfect canvas perfectly smooth look like beautiful cabin is Russian way here
  • 08:00: it is here and so is naiskosochek very nice I have to Training took white threads and beads dark specifically to you better it was evident if you will be select the type of thread under the beads then there so it will be virtually unnoticed and be like if one continuous one big beaded fabric except that I will still I wanted to show see how I keep the hook when
  • 08:31: knitting here and so on Actually when I but I see the usual stuff without beads I keep the Hook but normal to the hook Now I Beads are dictated holding conditions the hook I noticed about a month knitting with beads I hold the hook somehow not as many my students who like
  • 09:01: when holding the hook begin with beads knit in general you too try a place to live and hook as you wish there is nothing I do not have you now She told how to knit Russian way straight rows waiting you next where we will learn a lesson the English way Thank you for attention