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  • 00:00: hello from potatoes can be cook many different delicious and beautiful meals today will Cook potato flowers with we filled cooking with flowers mushroom stuffing can be used other fillings vegetable or fish and so prepare mushroom stuffing in a pan Warms two tablespoons
  • 00:30: vegetable oil laying and fry up transparency one bulb chopped fine add diced 400 grams chopped mushroom but moderate heat fry up readiness time of mixing time salt and pepper to taste and now proceed to manufacturing
  • 01:00: potato flowers 100 grams of solid grated cheese mix with two or three egg yolks peeled potatoes cut into circles thickness 2 mm mugs dipped in vegetable oil and laid the form of a flower cake tins depending on the molds sizes from 5 to 8 petals of sides and a circle
  • 01:32: to the bottom in each flower we place 2 teaspoons spoon mixture cheese yolk Bake in advance preheated oven at 180 10-15 degrees Celsius
  • 02:03: minutes before semireadiness roasted flowers Put a mushroom or other fillings on your choice send flowers oven for another 15 October minutes potatoes should be well zarumyanitsya ready flowers is taken out from the molds spread on a dish and served at the table of the potatoes can be
  • 02:36: cook many delicious and beautiful dishes on our website or in Russian in the second section You will find dishes recipe ducal potatoes recipe potato croquettes and other recipes inspiration luck and Bon Appetit