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  • 00:00: a woman for seven years younger than say it and girlfriend of five years older than claimed men are told Gina Lollobrigida us at any age I want to look young and beautiful It helps novel copper live the same frame young and beautiful always thanks your advice and you're to avoid common mistakes that allow many women in aged 35-40 plus and we just about these
  • 00:32: mistakes today and We discuss some woman when pass this one milestone when notes its 40th anniversary suddenly begin dresses up in rags as the if they were already dead for this world trying to merge with asphalt masquerades environment and I think that is What is wrong forty something right years of life only begins and we We have to prove it with using the correct clothes well, by the way must be very neat because some 40 lives just beginning and they begin to do something which is not done in 15 years that my mother did not android shala some women after 40 They are beginning to get involved
  • 01:02: short skirts tights in a grid on because it is already well everything is possible, and even change of clothes with their children daughters, of course I I would like to invite Elena us that exactly this brag I ask ling hello hail rose to female festival to nicely meet and how much your little daughter s 22nd 25 to about how I clarity here this clothes that today you have it from little girl's wardrobe to
  • 01:32: it occurred that It can be with her daughter change clothes why I can wear look at the form of figure and I have the right afford short skirt have good legs excellent as you want look like you You want to about you said the men elegant beautiful young interesting and attractive but In fact if talk about men then when they see Woman in short elegant skirt comes last all new and
  • 02:02: but attractive but attractively drew the attention to the actually possible to walk with road and sign Basically draws himself no less attention is therefore not all the attention at the cost of not all attention is good Today this topic we hear from ROMs may be some unpleasant things but we will have because of it's us favor of I think that the figure of Elena can be submitted it is not the best effect It will involve not less attention to quite another to Brazil I have I ask to change and while we discuss common mistakes that allow
  • 02:32: women after 40 We thank Nina still necessary meet you think why the age of 40 years is an kind abroad after which women somehow start thinking about Statement differently or enchanting living together or once told merge with asphalt because this age children already They are grown in certain degree self-reliant woman feels some freedom which she does not know what to do in the second to this age woman usually place as
  • 03:03: person but she wants to attract attention to to highlight the his identity and exactly the more important harmonize our internal state with the appearance than we have today you name Well, I actually I think that there are no people that bad dress up, there are people who simply do not fall within the context of That's just 20 years you can dress as in 40 is no longer a hit in the context of it's bad taste the way some celebrity differ too the fact that not a bit corresponds to your age exact their look a little does not match age they certainly attracts attention
  • 03:34: attention to it often negatively there are examples of duck here's an example of Kim buyout Blake Lovely Kim Ketra star sex in the series big city and somehow this image to It stuck, and even under the Everyday life very hard with him and leave it It continues to be the deep neckline that even in show perceived bit vulgar but in real life the more than this woman already for it fifty trying in my dress as if that's just banging 30 Well it can be an exception but here this picture we near see
  • 04:04: proves that certain aged almost the same dress looks at the figure great and Blake Lovely Now removed the continuation of the series it will replace Kim Cattrall in this series and we see that it looks more charge in this way fine but someone else we We can be treated with this viewpoint Kristin Davis selena gomez is not color hit because with age need to color suits more gently needed select more elegant colors olive beige pearl color refreshing choose
  • 04:34: chur bright colors not recommended at young girls are look attractive to 35 women after 40 sometimes a little vulgar sara Jessica Parker Sarah Jessica Parker despite its miniature figurine miniskirts always looks a bit strange but because the skin on his knees already It has undergone some age-related changes and emphasize it's not recommended and yes Here is a younger star Anna Sofia Robb looks much more adequately any practical not the length of let's have their own
  • 05:04: So we summarize in primarily for which should be discarded a mini skirt because legs unfortunately even if they remain slim even if almost not all cellulite still have is age-related changes in the area of the knees and Coco Chanel believed knees itself ugly part the female body has always I recommend them therefore cover primarily a sense to give up mini-skirts and the second that it is extremely vulgar looks to let women and 40 this leggings which are now fashionable yes all on display at the
  • 05:34: In fact in the 40 already We need to show brains in the first all they are what It is below the belt as it does young girls in leggings but provided that this can be something to replace woman's wardrobe which is already older but you tell us about that, too, unravel if you very good remained lower of the best to choose jeans pretty tight jeans rubbing will not figure-hugging but it will not look vulgar still pass vulgarity that we repeatedly We mentioned it pantyhose in net especially like this here decorative
  • 06:05: element may either effectively would be but after 40 to 40 Still tights grid looks bit vulgar the next element is too short tops opening of the stomach so it is not necessary to me It seems to explain that They live in some certain age is not better open even if you are well preserved belly you you can take tight jersey you can take a close fitting blouse emphasizing its but harmony
  • 06:35: open living completely we recommend to a friend extreme that It is given to women is not hobbies some sort of youth elements as well conversely commitment to the ears desire for robe and here are here are bright with the logic Ruffle Roma Nadja your color rescues and rescues refreshing and something that all it is very laconic plus another half hidden my you umnichka ie slightly just possible but combined with collar small stands It does not look vulgar but when we open the chest plus ruffles or some complex decorative elements
  • 07:05: beads sequins all This casual style everyday wear looks a little chief accountant not ski who are addicted have we infantile some jewelry hearts any shiny bracelets All this of course attracts attention but a woman after 35 jewelry should still look expensive she must produce good impression in any case of any rubber plastic here too bright shiny elements must not be
  • 07:35: jewelry should a little bit remind jewelry product and if you It has jewelry products do not need them all at once show some girls for to look not using younger only infantile jewelry but also here such here infantile boys do you due to some women over 40 when some girls after 40 cute cute but after 40 it looks very countries to create impression that this any piece pajamas any gift or grandson logical explain the emergence of in the women's locker room
  • 08:05: if there is no such thing I want something cheerful can home wear pink pajamas and agreed way more that we their faces are very often of youth style it jeans low waist with low landing Still the woman in age even if the lower of the well preserved even if No stomach is better average or high landing thus you can not effect submit their lower part than if you will drop belly and only closed on at Pope's not the way forget all
  • 08:35: of our stylish conversations that very important woman in any age including after 40 to monitor the the figure they showed exercise is It helps to tighten bug do ideal press but it certainly is not negate the fact that moderation in clothing must also be present By the way when it comes to of moderation some seek somehow go on over age style and choose shoes style opera hat I was a little style so I I call to this in goodbye youth is fat resistant
  • 09:05: Heel some cumbersome offline may possibly varnish some decor with bow is adds age It can be in favor of practicality can be apply these shoes but at the same time to get involved in all the pit still not worth it in this year just shoes and robust wide heels just to All the shelves than those yes but combination of varnish and thick heel It creates the effect of galoshes She dropped her and by the way some women addicted Here is a platform in principle, it is convenient
  • 09:35: it is practical good but looks better choose options nose closed because with age nail in our fingers is also changing Here are the main common mistakes that allow girls after 40 years there is still without accessory we do not we manage bag such bag should be adequate and it It should be in moderation solid in moderation practical at the same time I I do not recommend get involved plastic some vivid or bags lacquer bright yellow bright red too bright
  • 10:05: large bags aged look stolen Statement zayavochku way I I liked your recommendations about right bags opt-in Depending on the type of figures and if you want to watch this interesting story visit our site kind . col. her and the way new image or is ready and we are pleased to meet Miller welcome us Lena completely different little man really stroynyashkoy and very elegantly but this is my impression and you
  • 10:35: Artist Artist how are you all feel your Caleb pressure box that anguish we note They emphasized the waist that we wonderful and which is the top It was formless in we have hidden it from here us is the center of everything second and there is no that follows note hanger arms open but zone which has undergone change with age she catches the eyes look attention to the length we barely covered knee foot still it looks elegant Great legs built and we We took the fight elegantly color scheme we
  • 11:05: repeated burgundy she found in a dress shoes as image looks holistically and there's this teen disunity that was before still you managed just one elegant dress Show all It may be well if you pick up clothes in accordance with age and figure the color scheme correctly we ere It managed to achieve of the effect when Attention is drawn to woman herself does not clothes that her Thanks Roma thanks Lena woman as
  • 11:35: s how much it It looks like this is not Remember use tips our experts stay in my Away to or Murashkina now! tells how grown at home real lemon