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Caps 3 in 1 Knitting by a hook of a Crochet Hats 3in1 cap - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: Welcome to Mamochkin channel today we look at knitting hats circuit hook on which you can link three whole cap here we have a basis for knitting these caps a circle tied columns with sc circle diameter equal to the volume of the head Share 3 14 pi for beginners how to knit I'll circle a reference to the screen the next row after circle, we were binding
  • 00:30: columns with sc which are called that is concave Injecting we do on the reverse side knitting grab previous column series and provyazyvaem as a regular column with sc sc do to stick with seamy side grab the thread threading and provyazyvaem like ordinary post with sc
  • 01:00: join in After a series of air recovery knit the next row of the usual columns with nakida recruit 3 air lifting and year, a number of knit columns with sc in each loop previous row join air lift then again a number of
  • 01:32: concave pillars with sc and so will further along the entire height knit caps rows of alternating conventional columns with sc and concave columns with sc and you can already notice how we drawn these scars all over caps
  • 02:02: Now it turns out this The first cap can be tie low rachim step example Next we have the cap will be stocking cap or cap toe height such caps can be knit up rezinochki 22 centimeters adult and 25 and then knit rezinochku hook gum recruit 3 air lifting and knit rezinochku interleaved
  • 02:32: convex and concave columns with sc again for beginners how to knit the elastic hook columns with sc convex and concave I will leave the screen So we provyazyvaem rezinochku height rezinochki your wish better not less than 5-6 centimeters and knit but in principle and can be even wider
  • 03:03: whichever height you want a hat stocking it to the back hanging since you need here dovyazyvaem number rezinochki accession We produce as usual the third air lift and we turns out here so 2 stocking cap this is how it looks our model and 3 cap this cap
  • 03:35: Now with the stocking decoration form knobs I have a separate video on knitting like these shishechek it is for those I leave reference on the screen who want to bookmark namely video-on knitting knobs add yourself fasten thread to the pillar on which we want to knit this knobs do aerial lift and 5
  • 04:05: columns with sc provyazyvaem here here this column Basically you can a way of decorating caps and come up get another original cap the very basis of this hat looks very with such beautiful ridges across cap height so we knit 5 unfinished columns with sc We set them a
  • 04:36: apex and through the column already related series we We produce at securing the first skip to column second be strengthened Air recruit 2 rise again the next column which would We have attached a He will do again with 5 columns sc unfinished and so the entire length of series Here we get a
  • 05:11: Another original hat stocking and sock with decoration can write your Review by video or knitting ideas such caps thanks for your attention