Lyudmila Tseluyko

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Video subtitles:
  • 00:05: make a few stitches and anchoring on the motif turns we have this here a small loop
  • 00:31: then again we do several air eyelets and again fasten mother
  • 01:10: You can make sc because we net knit involuntarily and any right if we will stop we do not just tick We can shove
  • 01:31: different place to where it will not stop them then again we do aerial photos and fixed on the motive that we did not hung our mesh and
  • 02:01: distract us, we just take and we fix a bun and the other which was open to
  • 02:47: again starts again Net we hang it back again fasten a needle free us nothing Dumpty estimate It does not interfere in the
  • 03:23: then again to the voice mingled dragged
  • 03:32: tied together We made some aerial loops consolidate our arches again be that nothing bolts securing the handle here
  • 04:00: so we quietly it turns fishnet
  • 04:36: too big to we do not arochki turned it is desirable to do smaller aircraft eyelets's needle I like dull blunt Of course it is desirable visibility that is more acute for example to our the product is not stretched
  • 05:09: to make new aerial loops to do sc and will result in the So I made the arches too much aerial loops
  • 05:31: then I arochki to get more than the previous all 2 will air eyelets I do nakida price now I slightly less so that's different mesh turns
  • 06:04: Reattach to nothing dangled so here