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Irish lace. A roller about the skilled worker from Ufa.

Irish lace. A roller about the skilled worker from Ufa.  See details »



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  • 00:00: knitting masya his will He fascinated by a further 20 years ago learning the different technology needlewoman seriously interested creation Irish lace it is one of the most beautiful and complex technique execution experts say that old Irish lace on its sophistication It is on the verge Crafts and virtuoso Even art tired I tied a specific set of I tune them Food for pattern Pattern and well in advance checking on the customer and I sew like this
  • 00:31: way hook kept not as usually a bit more like a knife and it will be one dress sleeve here I am now kazhu how is Now I leaf join the circus interest in this type crafts in the past years revived in around the world some designers use this when creating technique fashion collections pictures of models in
  • 01:00: summer sundresses lace blouses and even dresses for prom-related the axis of the left-hand more than once published on Russian pages specialized secrets magazines crafts craftswoman actively share with readers of elderly wife has a thing they are there to shoot from mannequins on models and then send me and well, and I hope the future be erased magazine because ideas much they do not even lack of your hands fuss and tie its very fact that
  • 01:31: magazine to learn from other conventional crochet Irish lace characterized in that individual motifs flowers and leaves patterns knitted separately then they are connected together by mesh thus that you can associate anything from hat and finishing the evening dress for yourself Sabirovna and It has its own the secret of creation Irish lace I opened Mom I have it here Well all of this
  • 02:00: pleases all rejoice even from Moscow if published his Rostov-on-Don from Saratov her orders and plans hast Sabirov on continue to implement lace in their ideas on queue creation bright dresses baby clothes and even knitting suits only snag in because at the time create one this masterpiece leaves few months and sometimes years Anastasia Panina Marina Papkova Azamat Ahmadi bus carry Bashkortostan