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  • 00:00: costume jewelery for several thousand hryvnia you think you You can not afford such allow Olechka on today Volkova tells how can be a decoration make your home hands in just 50 hryvnia little I primchitsya glad you see and not only but you and Gorgeous Necklace is a Korea, we will today learn to do on some designers use wicker decoration as the trend of the
  • 00:31: it's just the season smart chip come consider those that you already brought home oh what I did most beauty interesting in this necklace how much designers take for it is the amount of money and rather big if you have an option, and how much It can cost a decoration on eminent designer please half thousand hryvnia and a half thousand hryvnia No 2000 hryvnia here is version of 2000 hryvnia well closer already warmer I taught but no more
  • 01:01: $ 400 400 dollars you say $ 400 is almost hot $ 600 $ 600 600 watts because the dollars it is this necklace by Aurelia Biederman Fran. designer to aurelia Biederman I a strange tit rocker that was easy mastery sign anti sloth bears without the New York squad He turned up Paris hanging help step stone to it
  • 01:31: well more expensive Holy cats eyes over it for me Aurelio ladder fret Brazil And so bow world spirit and increase the amulet itself, and lighting designer for I turned to the idea of VES not Parshina bracelet alan. collection to do brazil firm-hand filling out 1 Know strong base lower dressing room shot the price of these trendy then throw in a necklace get high 90 views to 500 euros working gas die well can be regional
  • 02:01: not miss Olga Volkova show Thou pull out of you trendy necklace with the rest of the newsletter and in your Svyatkovyy armor she uses expensive metals gold platinum really qualitatively but we can not do and much worse cheaper these Cullen It is very easy and just everyone's strength and we need them only chain which is basically the same be at home and sewing thread's all before we learn their hands to do such delicious ornamentation let's drink coffee
  • 02:32: thanks to pleasure nescafe the first rule of the morning toys can be warm nice and in order to show you how easy and simple and every one of you cope with this I would like to work invite our guest is as close as possible I guess the price this necklace of Decoration Us Join now you are welcome Hello and how your name, and we and our I see a very nice and
  • 03:02: what to you too unusual decoration hour and you do not shamil done My big passion hand maid often look section of the PM trying to experiment and Here is one such experiments on me obodochek my production will as do you think it is clear that the results gorgeous and I hope that together with you we Now confirm all this is easy simple and each handle to start We need Chain of course we understand that the vision may be different size can be
  • 03:32: different colors ie, Basically there are even black and blue pink colored too, are in this case, we choose maximally close to natural metal it will be the silver for In order to determine what size we We need a better course all measure of Statement Let's not already let's measure of course the neatly and putting a look how The length should be our decoration Of course if you You are in store it can be done a centimeter neatly, we check to what length must be our jewelry meters
  • 04:02: chain of about 35 hryvnia worth respectively if we choose the 60 centimeters is here even cheaper but Of course the amount of this It can grow in Depending on to what extent high-quality metal and we can perhaps it indeed even gold what we need following this thread floss so simple material that many shops for needlework principle can also be and look at home You have, I chose 4 different colors for manufacturing such Necklace + we do more small and syurprizik
  • 04:32: We will do even the bracelet 4 Hank we have enough with the head from one and a half hryvnia there is one motochek Moulin and proceed we will have it unwind and make here are out of it here what is the length of the thread It must be for to be able oplesti our necklaces we have to choose at least two long stakes ie if we have it 60 centimeters a meter twenty It should be our strip out of it just we will have to weave one and there are 2 so you yanochka will help us
  • 05:02: for this I give you too small chain but it will has a bracelet exactly exactly as they as we choose Bracelet we measure our wrist to Now she carefully at We held a size means the best we We have already agreed take the two lengths to To start weave two lengths one color and two different color and length so we see that there is a vision and even twice more than our minimum thread and so will we get to work
  • 05:32: We take our ribbons who turned out at us out of the floss thread Measure out centimeters 5 makes it simple knot so here we knot tying with this will start our we must weave record until that our threads are not We went on the course and if you will if questions and maybe recommendations you can calmly about it says at some girls like silence to work I do not know you on how can songs to sing when passing I make so I am more leaving
  • 06:02: And that's sharply say can and to do and I just We spoke to the better to thread floss thread the through our I use chains Average Do not see point each but, in principle, and can be neatly simply put puchochek and thread the through links too so it is possible and can be take an ordinary English bulavochku also nice and we do we take and is passed we
  • 06:32: strung right on not We see our point each assurances but poseredinke Dock their much as possible money that is in fact we get needle Snitko ice and now it is much easier put it in a link we do it with a ie below the bottom Top managers we We take out our Duma first Of course that's the color on second, we are now even and does not cling invisibility calm 2 the trend we are now pass over to the 2 and of course, on the second
  • 07:02: floor not to change even if it is on our Housing is only one you It is yet to have time to Their friend, we too exactly the same dress So first we is now inserted a the next stage we we take our second Vera pineapple contrast then it will be good seen it over first and then is threaded into the second link and pull Thus, we we get an effect
  • 07:33: ordinary braids how to weave pigtails usually need three elements of the respectively the third element in us and is our chain, we continue to farther and farther very easy and simply threading the one something else when our thread already we are getting shorter our little not We see point each move aside further and further what was that simpler and we threaded farther and on small I want to help more results you need for a bundle hold and I will show how it looks in weaving we take next thread
  • 08:03: impose it from above then we take for our not We see point each and threaded through the following link is passed neatly tightens we do it's not too much but not too weak because if we We will be very weak do our here strings so they will separated and will do not look beautiful that is, we still but it tightens to our eyes still were mobile and we need do it too much is here and so
  • 08:33: we continue this we are free to do it turns out if we have that did not work we cut and back remade again but felt that you experience in these matters weaving enough great where you are I learned exactly Well you weave England yet ask me help and I will tell where my learned girlfriends took into France and of course she found a store this famous aura or designer and I saw in the window these chic necklace looks at the price even husband suasion
  • 09:03: slander nothing not work and Of course she secretly photograph is necklace returns home says Olga help needs to be done let's not worse see what to receive such scale done smartly happened just ideally with two parties where we we remain tails tying carefully so that we Here were the shaft but the presence of bathhouse process to small chain twice because as long as you continues its Anya job because you've finished I I ask you oplesti yet another court
  • 09:33: hand most wow interesting relays which she uses as fastener never guess where the that see that it ordinary braces strong clerical Well of course it is use of expensive metals we will use ordinary I highlight remains already a bit and and I opened to let To make it comfortable and he strung our jewelry you is attached to the chain either on a string can be strengthen
  • 10:03: it is better to chain It will be more reliable over What I like best in this necklace that they on any bilateral to the side it's actually too interesting thing because you can really wear on the bottom and on the and other possible that we floss I looked up and you can overload and it will look already down take our skrepochku extreme link with another hand and gently combine brilliant but there may be more traditional fasteners see use it as a here it is possible to
  • 10:33: large hooks can be such a standard karabinchiki all can be used convenient and easy fastened on and in how come you well also good I was attached very easily in my for and it some light Of course it is a task for me absolutely a new experience thanks big on but very true pleasant moment yes it is necessary to try Prank yes of course decoration is massive enough
  • 11:03: gathered on the filed necklace, we are not right now but fit bracelet zebrin and I am confident that and not looking He wants to leave Of course I'm a fan to such ornaments because this is a necklace bracelet, we certainly as you leave behind good work then a little you Thank you for the excellent idea youtube hello Do you like it video leave
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