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  • 00:00: in order to We produce pad We need flour cape era and paint flasks why We need a litter we need ready without cooking spot stamen stamens us We need to manufacture mac mac and of strips of satin tape that is, it's all needlework and there I men decided to west it is not clear that the West Now I mix
  • 00:30: flour glue pva at Makor one grade flour premium or can take Well I have not tried but of course you can take and starch premium because that there is a lot shout visible instantaneous
  • 01:00: and now I add another even a penny vodichki because the glue all still thick she herself stir well Depending on what color we add paint to this color will be Here is the pad and Naturally stamens. I add paint
  • 01:57: Now I add paint little red we are opposed to if the paint stir but still I add a little not very convenient
  • 02:28: a small amount because it is not his store as it can not be yes cork to cork no out from under the liner and olive or not always possible
  • 03:07: store to buy desired color stamen so of course craftswomen including I already look like others do have to do to all a practical approach in in order to stamens make us I need and thread I took ordinary reel thread large and number ten can
  • 03:38: take thread from Lina's I cut on small pieces taking glue it is necessary to glue to tougher It became this thread It became stiffer lining water and the like that stretching horoshenechko I smear still a time
  • 04:08: I pass and leave dry on some time and then we'll cut on the segment and do we require stamen desired color desired So I get on the size wheat dried out strings
  • 04:39: I pile up so cut off and these omit here wpad
  • 05:16: and hang to dry if it's necessary Now that these things We walked more possible after they It can dry out again lower grip again hang to dry so we get stamens necessary to us color desired length the right size