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  • 00:00: I really love the summer but after every the hot sun season on the face are pigmented spots I know that this is not only my the problem so Today in my expert guest on homemade cosmetics My friend Olga Seymour she knows how cope with pigment spots sometimes occur It can be a good thing dyed without
  • 00:31: wrinkles smile good hair hide your age but the regiment in Italy lentigo can be determined Actually how much old you because appearance pigmentation in the first all due to the change function hormone in the female body and so about the appearance of age spots in the cheeks and the forehead area and on chin says is that this woman already somewhere that another 40 why there is still pigmentation of use
  • 01:01: sunlight in period of solar activity this spring Summer in bright sunlight even the appearance of winter age spots very possible if prevention In addition to beware of the sun as I realized there few simple and effective recipes that recommended and prepare you eat and literally Now wait a second to years to lose remember all citrus fruits have magnificent bleaching property and have property such
  • 01:32: lung and acid peeling because solution age spots Estheticians decides namely acid peelings that by the way Well, not always say so useful and sinless and that It is making it acidic peeling as he state specific acid concentration applied to the face, and if enters the acid does not face what is happening Yes wants absolutely true that is, I just certain concentration these procedures are ongoing very unpleasant and often in the hands of
  • 02:02: unwholesome cosmetologists or cheap procedure cause very severe burns and the way we in the summer again go on sun provokes the emergence of such age spots dark brown which will save from jean but probably laser resurfacing or mask in the style of Shrek this is now fundamental ways as for peeling it is an expensive salon procedure there is still bleaching cream and The fact that there are cream is healthy enough help that is you Apply them and the skin lighter and lighter
  • 02:32: everything is fine but there contains a active component to hydrochemistry well, It is the most and harmful way use long of Cremona hydrochemistry not It is very often provokes promotes the emergence of such diseases like Melanoma all stars skin cancer is absolutely right majority components bleaching creams, masks contained link oxide, zinc oxide zinc such creams thinner skin age and on the skin such much faster
  • 03:02: aging and much more needs care so then what to wear no dark spots 1 wipe once can a slice of lemon grapefruit mandarin lime wipe just lie down and when we have time doing tea with lemon though standard and tan rubbed the second time of great helping all females sweet and sour berries viburnum and currant red ash is time just squeezed even if you
  • 03:33: frozen juice and you cooking cooking compote just take berry and just wipe and make Statement of the Chief Redskins hold it five or ten minutes and Vodicka wash on all infusion parsley root and parsley also sumptuously contributes to the fact that bleached face took puchochek or parsley to risochek boiling water poured cup set infusion chico still and this us. we wash ourselves We make ice like putting a want to do but plus of course there a unique mask
  • 04:03: very cool Pleasant this mask which has been preserved ancient manuscripts Chinese health tracts and and today we are with you to make a mask Chinese beauties in which the canons of stealing Chinese beauty a thin thin porcelain skin Gorny and course highly Petlenko monotonous and without pigment ira we want to make this mask was efficient inexpensive and to its could be done fast on her prepare us
  • 04:33: It needs 45 seconds will in addition to the track and the mask bleaches, and as she also very active moisturizes and nourishes removes horny skin cells we take great each ingredient teaspoon teaspoon of honey always a part of masks where there is honey It means your skin will be more more homogeneous monochrome and also we something is wonderful results a conduit for other useful This particular substances potato starch
  • 05:04: potato starch sumptuously whitens the skin and in the Second still performs the role of a mask if it can be called a substitute for Botox ie a little skin will resemble a china doll boteks substitute Daishev mind is driven making it here is how I have a little skin stretched and starch honey we mix up such a state to remind a white white Just paste spoon
  • 05:34: carefully carefully carefully and even add teaspoon of salt in equal proportions of honey starch and salt may be the way to take the dining room Dir bath salt thin but I love take such sea salt and to its best effect must a little grind in a blender or kofemolochke sea salt it is good peelings and acts just here in the role of of mechanical
  • 06:04: peeling often it takes Estheticians in order to polishing the skin and remove pigment stains more sea salt It contains a large iodine number that's a part of compound with honey It gives the face uniformity as the it would seem like just as what is the use by this mask These are the principles our martochka ready here in such proportion look it turns out that's a Here's how White White cream smells like it pleasantly surprising if you have very dry the skin or the skin is very gentle and
  • 06:36: sensitive in add a mask please tea spoon of milk or cream when necessary and how to use this mask to clean we cleansed skin I can inflict even nanoshu's project well find spoon can be straight no touching of the area eyes and lips we put finely distribute this masochku give her dry then another layer and another layer and here All this masochku you must smear face will
  • 07:06: very large and such a tight tight carcass layer so before apply a second layer I need to make this little boy on dries dries she quickly because starch so here it gives her basis and kept such masochku 20-25 minutes rinse with warm Vodicka and such mask we do through the course of the day ten of twelve masks this one better The course takes place exactly in autumn and winter feeling
  • 07:36: this mask is I softness and nutrition I understand that later It will be very good after you very well will remind Chinese beautiful porcelain figurine and age spots tell us to date and even if you you want, you can to prepare a masochku but without then add milk there may be mixed honey and starch salt well connected put the jar you can simply store on his table cosmetic or
  • 08:06: kitchen or bathroom but if you add milk in a mask must be prepared directly before use in order to cook whitening mask Chinese handsome you need to take in equal parts combine it with honey potato starch and beat up of receipt creamy post then add 1 teaspoon finely about the sea ground salt and the same combine it all in uniform paste
  • 08:36: dry and sensitive and delicate skin better also add one the milk or cream a mask you must do course of a day Course 10-12 keeping procedures masochku 20-25 minutes imposed layers get fun thank you