Larisa Sarkisova

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Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: We take approximately 2m of knitted i-cord and leave a 16cm margin And we start knitting We knit always towards the same direction We pass the first ring through
  • 00:40: In case that it won't fit, we slightly burn the edge of the cord We pass the second ring through
  • 01:35: And the third one We continue knitting
  • 02:15: We center the position of the rings
  • 02:49: We pass the cord through and stretch it We measure 16cm And we cut and burn the edge
  • 03:24: We pass the big rings through And we cement the terminals using super glue
  • 04:01: We put a small hoop on each ring And we also put the clasp on
  • 04:46: And finally it's ready!