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  • 00:05: Hello here are our and it grew time to dive tomato seedlings tall here they even look I have a little bit escalated stretched but that's okay, I already talked a lot how to dive and as the eggplant and tomatoes there is video but
  • 00:31: Today I will focus on those few the highlights of which I had not said first time is always the question arises as how much water can be to pour cups in order to raspikirovat I usually do it on eyes staring at that a land dry and but no more accurate Alternatively, you can here reach here so here very simple way to do this we We take First take
  • 01:03: with ground glass cups we It should be all identical, and spread in their land same everywhere land naturally should at humidity around us We know that we have it same as the we need to boil water that's doing a slight indentation and dimensional take So I poured a glass here exactly 500 grams water and neatly I quietly use I pour
  • 01:34: water until here until I it is absolutely there's even the earth So we sat down and to see us about He appeared at the top even I have a little bit here Now water is poured it is as if we have a hundred
  • 02:00: percent land on moist one hundred percent of it you just have 60 here I watch how much I I poured the water water I poured only 200 gram there does not mean it is necessary to the court but I poured water here so I Now this does hundred grams pour the water not More so, you can already use measuring cup and hundred grams pour But in this land of water if the earth were drier water
  • 02:31: just more me liked it took more here very as a simple way do it and shared I Sadilov adequate the number of seedlings and I want to tell you another fairly still important momentik for this we will plant Now another seedling we do
  • 03:01: opening handle or our pencil glass pretty big like this roundabouts then a teaspoon all we take out seedling clod of earth and rocks put our deepening that made only
  • 03:31: then we Pour it is possible and the amount of water we have I know that I already know I need 100 grams for my land so I about 100 grams of court model for what I do and now my water it seems to be flows through your glass and draws for a roots, and they are more OK distributed over at around the cup and simultaneously
  • 04:00: falls, as it were my overgrown spine tits after this is me only sprinkle here from the edge and a wee bit But if the ram we do this way the roots very well, as it were distributed over a glass and well Then take root here so I just dive all his seven
  • 04:31: I have many of their more here to stay more part and then show already his garden on the window It has passed somewhere in with all the tomatoes I just still work now most importantly somewhere week they do not water pay to settle down give the root system began to form
  • 05:00: but to turn occasionally light like a cat's until all of us conduct