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  • 00:00: any list of some edible culture let's say strawberries strawberry raspberry possible even with your pink interpreted comment and I think apple worm I tried to empty willow-herb do not know what
  • 00:30: the grass that kind of like the taste special flavor not Now have you take pazham list here and if stuffed into a small stick and mallet until already beater forcibly stop I get in and under cover even I roll up here so that no air would wrap Black bag and put in the sun for 2 day then take deploy if I am beginning to brown It has light brown make open
  • 01:00: the jar and deploying it all in a warm shade quick dry drink turns very interesting always for instance when the sheet raspberry like this then ferment from in the bank opens I was in a room is usually suschu that's the feeling that dry raspberries scattered here such as the smell of brewing Now as a matter of spoon as there is already to taste it drug is Very fragrant and grape leaf fragrant
  • 01:30: Here on this company Kirov begins smell the green Grapes are very bright apple leaf he bitterness turns but also his interesting frame very officinalis such sheet throat heals when voice lost willow-herb, too acquires gone another flavor of your strongly marked ie fermentation it just Essential Black tea from selenium it's the same technology without air fermented We have a feeling cerruti ended completely another taste of the world so
  • 02:00: It can be anything not stone bone and turns bitter with bright pronounced taste Almond is not tea will not go on and they