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  • 00:06: to a summer beach season to meet with pleasure and ashamed of your body We need to spring well work on problem areas he knows our super trainer they somehow meet that is the woman rose between us today it is there that I will show which zones We'll be with you study because that in order to go to the beach and feel there surely need the same
  • 00:31: to be beautiful sure what area you most waves in the first turn this area so called wings familiar with this oh yeah though why here It is becoming so ugly because These muscles are actually Never in our lives do not work well, not often we do not know take suitcase and we place it on the top shelf is muscle work then when we hand unbend next
  • 01:01: area is of course zone oh my belly as I had emails asking how remove belly fat is what we, too, today'll work next zone Basque not like him no right knowing I know the next zone is an internal hip surface is virtually The situation is the same as and triceps we rarely We do this movement and as rarely do we go
  • 01:30: sides if we sides went at us Total internal surface worked which I would fit well We put forward as a way then we have the front enough of the trim back, too OK well, internal and is suitable as a rule we do not like and how just the same above the buttocks, we also today, it will be it is no more It will become even more beautiful Our fifth point is 5 gold which we today will work has They repeatedly. you
  • 02:00: He showed us the effective we exercise We worked on different What parts of the body the current situation different from previous today we work we purposefully identified our the most important enemies we have five points and I advise you to if suddenly you such as the triceps the temple to do exercises for the buttocks everything is still possible separately to train pull some One of the problematic you can start but to practice when you have become triceps after my just exercise
  • 02:30: perfect you your Dad does not seem this ideal of compared to the triceps then you think they had to be right doing exercise on side so we today we come complex and will disassemble each exercise each problem area on turn from 1 downwards This problem area triceps for this we exercise need such gantelki place 23 kilograms or you you can use bottles with sand or water that we do, we become bend front foot way
  • 03:00: We have front and back leg gave dismiss We dismiss ago We go down a little bit below do so to your torso It becomes parallel the floor has we raise the elbow slightly higher than the back, and of this situation I will say the situation has class has dosage up from this position, we We begin to unbend elbow immediately nice exhale feeling how it works Our 3 at this very
  • 03:30: important top point just here to second detained felt relaxed detained relaxed tomorrow I promise you delayed onset muscle soreness and then for any direct promise that you are not your triceps You learn about my foreign 30 how many times we to do it magic exercise to carry out the third 20 reps on every hand and in addition to In order that this decision problems have been current if you not want to someday you thought about his triceps and how Hanging the cloth
  • 04:01: do it exercise for prevention do other hand necessarily a good thing We descend up against hand, in principle, exercise such as the and difficult but challenging but at the moment only for triceps according to all that it is, else can breathe can talk they do not like when can breathe now it is something I'll come up with I prepare a to the following exercise more It will be more fun triceps it's small so and the load is small
  • 04:30: very good in this exercise his It can be done absolutely any age that is no contraindications no good following an exercise ps is the favorite but it ups this extraordinary It called diamond push-ups or we We pass by the the following problem part or is still triceps notes I think that it is possible here so stand up to wave and all was decided but she had hope lost beach season very very close if suddenly you do not trained with us
  • 05:00: some miracle happened so that you not yet started training now you have the latest chance to fix it Get up and start to do exercise with us put hands together We get down please put her big breasts on palm and climb on no longer rely to rise again already running up well We perform such first try do at least once five if it turns 5 make 6 new stage and as a usually we do everything 20
  • 05:30: this and seek this exercise we also aims to solution to the problem sagging triceps and In addition, we still strengthen the breast is really diamond push-ups if a little sore here here is where the brush wrong hand you can put search position which does not hurt so much you can put hands together can try fingers spread dissolve hands slightly look a little wider position is in which you will not It hurts now with triceps finished
  • 06:01: Well, we sense his We improved this improved the call We move on to the sides We climb up compress strongly fists leave one foot in the direction that we do we to work for a meeting to knee to the top part descends lower rises top good God cut it only the first part exercises then forward again side and on imagine that your hands doses. this I have to break up about knee but it's something
  • 06:30: for ears fists pull yourself together, such as you leave all did well at the same time You can blab leave pancakes buns with our tanks I know you know perform 20 times on the right side and 20 times on the other side go ahead press a favorite abdominal exercises bank Now we will do bar with a jump we
  • 07:00: jump tightens feet to his almost it is necessary to do something an exercise It referred to as the Zhabko Diamonds are not so Zhabko know to speak and jumps back and again jump forward and We jump back here you You understand and operate hands and feet but it is better just yet working press also carry out such 20 times but only one Nadia, you have to order here
  • 07:31: to here are willing to take beach yes yes move on ear not internal legs like surface she do not like you how can you ask Council to get rid from the zone put your hands on the belt We descend down and continue exercise Zhabko now only Zhabko You jump up to top pulling socks at We do this in a row 20 time
  • 08:06: we worked internal thighs and We remain the most beautiful 5. We get down Lie on your back Nadia Only you do not sleep you go on set feet so Reach out to them hands hope you way from long before We accept ass Top stay in this position here
  • 08:30: we already have a well no good works and from this position We combine 20 times knees together on and Divorce in hand while dad jump not all the time We are working 20 wins 345 reps all time pushes the pelvis Top 6 7 8 9 October should be breathe 4 each time touch knees three and two one is
  • 09:07: and that's not all Skopje on the finger I on the beach you are on the beach By the way if you do these exercises everyday promise that you It will change your body Standing in front of mirror look for themselves and realize that month of work was you can not safely in vain go out with pleasure
  • 09:30: demonstrate their body only for this We need to do something and not just look and they showed Today universal complex that It helps us to beach season It looks perfect incidentally share their successes send your before and after pictures to our site good. and with you. and she and I I promise that is the best of You will be in my party to show their achievements in beach parade