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  • 00:00: all the people went avoided Aleksandrovich making to the doctor in acting half an hour I I want to show you one of the objects which Ukrainian troops to compose their ammunition specifically mine they shot rise cities more particularly on more particularly the mouth which is used as shuffle or the doctor you
  • 00:30: I assure if it enters the body man such a thing leaves very hard drive and and warm healing these wounds prohibited ammunition all known to me conventions yet less Ukrainian Army and easily ease used for relation to this violence but specifically here is that You keep out of focus in Kramatorsk street matched grandmothers
  • 01:01: but throw look says all night and in general, as it were Now it looks like outside where here here it's all in here like this It looks like a gun looks like ordinary min-1 and water names omit Paul Will you at certain path and do not want to explode many were spilling Now hundreds of these objects around you with a very matter of fact
  • 01:31: high speed lethality relative living enemy forces in such fillings so to speak very, very efficiently and again It delivers hard processed and difficult healing and basically people can survive of a loved one on the skin will can survive even these Ricochet is you
  • 02:04: accurate bullet club guests and here you can a further question here choose a tell you are welcome and you've personally seen say after the fight killed Ukrainian soldiers of so that they really like say they killed behind their You will need to learn about
  • 02:34: something it's my from my martial comrades who often I had an income virago Hello unexpected meeting very nice of you see comment please situation which which is now rapidly discuss in my in the world over leaving Slavyansk Kramatorsk and that it
  • 03:05: in fact it is on actually there to them so that this is America President obama then Poroshenko order why not president Ukraine is not present in the country he is president of Ukraine and on his toilet and so not we will wait
  • 03:37: Thank God the living here but what do we do more aware of this Not only we are still light God knows why still before win as always It will ever took Now a lot of sense conversations in social networks I had any sense depart from there alone say what is right did because why die in
  • 04:07: boiler second say yes there had to be through as promised snails freestyle god American war It called on the young as hunters bounty I call sucking Streams let him bustling of America strategy as they also tell me the dark side
  • 04:37: Commander in Chief Ukraine is not Ukraine does not Outskirts Commander in Chief outskirts of Russia here's the name so here it is in the the team he American fight naturally can not She fights like a man her coward shooting thus such a distance
  • 05:09: weapons that It prohibited all international but these conventions all conventions all international still come up America is the Masons still have not come up for to people show that the alleged they are all in this we do understand they know they themselves violate their rules because to their own rules this is not a rule for them it is as if the law for other friends
  • 05:42: that is, for us, as it were, not for her so how they thought that you they did not do, we made so as not to injured civilians and because due the fact that we keep there city reserve Orthodox Slavs they also suffer from the of these troops mercenaries America
  • 06:12: More short all countries that are now war against us novorosii I think that the Cossacks definitely come to you away because that in your mediocrity We decided to make money on our skin we will show that this you can not do because we loafer come and punish them for that they do for what basis
  • 06:44: were made bombing in Kramatorsk on Well, the principle means it means they has information He owns it launches drone people take off our location you can hold onto the eggs 1 basket behind him were therefore far but there our position were in families they made known fire shoot at ha that their gnarled hands Statement He helped in the fall
  • 07:14: then in the army of citizens our location from which there all courtyard strewn with splinters but panamku concreteness of truth grace of God often guilt arrived here on civilian homes nearby but for now you know for the time interval that lasts
  • 07:46: let us on Baros there are many very many facts about to what extent inhuman and more that I would say that people who for our sake they are fighting not just inhuman it all clear guidelines humanism not invented In order to make it easier He was a floor drag
  • 08:16: not use them there is no it is important to humanism clean and managed process furnaces thinking English speaking then it will be easier to plan rest the next This is another nuance I watch all it has some time to put it simply This war is not just against the Russian people this war is largely also against Pravoslav we are in the
  • 08:47: people that if serious and honest It may be necessary to call heathen they have nothing St. more except that they Nothing is sacred in absolute most drive there no ideas about martial spirit military honor in all, he reasoned then we offer a
  • 09:18: yet I have here for you this question baba But if you met Poroshenko than you give rest to the Lord God thy soul they my ear again buried those dare Ukrainian specifically to understand their children Cossack spirit is not a man men
  • 09:52: here I have no words just need to drive to where they came ie watts and even when it Lenin's funeral how much is already possible worship it all devilish defining pancake productions lope you can either to seventh worship bury human both so let it
  • 10:22: although it has made a very a lot of orders Again, these Moscow no more than it should be This cessation of all God forbid it stop early they are up to twenty fifth year wait bury it now and at the end schatsya nothing can ever to you come what else can say and yet here this question if
  • 10:52: very much now Ukrainian media stuffing do about it levy deals internal Baima fight among themselves but that's how you do it comment infighting between muscle juice this Orthodox Another brother we can you personally do not have but now every one of them in short everything let me stop let them be in
  • 11:23: ignorance that is that a knight's move as they say here is you want to say about sadness because historically happened that while I reach their house number and I got a few more units and transmission is very much different people it rightly so Christian languages warriors we are fighting for their for
  • 11:53: their shrines for orthodoxy but I would like to dill Bondarevskaya Make no mistake against They fight almost the whole world when Sasha parade and said that us here international brigade, he did not lie a single word I
  • 12:23: met people from all sim different people yes faiths What they say about me one subdivision driver tours quite a normal Turks Muslim we fight against Nazi kunt and we were against the people who have nothing St. is that some the right sector Saratov dogs that
  • 12:53: there's approved and of Mr cup pumpkin they are for this version the beginning of the 43rd too long concede and even dill These comrades have not we worry back and that's when so let mothers and wives not to Galicia
  • 13:24: offense let them briefly come in but then look at yourself What makes them children white people Panova of Russia and offended please be Thank you