8. Smithy. Production of the handle of a knife.  See details »



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  • 00:11: today expelled the release of how we live and hello on the ground will again dedicated knives knives are made with this smiths It will be devoted to the completion knife to
  • 00:30: final I state here three knives and so here are three products from all one bearing The first is finished product knife but with such a DNA has a bullet shape even sharpened planted handle handle planted on on the epoxy that is, drilled and planted into the oxide q
  • 01:03: handle from pear processed wax wax's church candles Well what it seemed handy here here this form of blade . as I already said Nice. lens
  • 01:31: Now I own a sharp knife I began like that So he turned The following is such a form is clumsy but there is an inverse and on the back for. from reverse side with side butt Now part of the blade itself straight cutting edge and another man here
  • 02:07: actually the same the final shape Libya, he only forged material he did not hardened and slightly modified emery quite literally little in principle so he refused We are looking forms
  • 02:33: manufacturing handles explain Well, that's why today I bought a a sander remarkable Interskol with which clamp with this clamp perfectly seasonings turns in the belt as it ribbon grinder flat so now I will start
  • 03:04: to manufacture sticks because first I this polishers will process wood handle and then I'll be on it the same sharpening to do of the blade and to tree I just Now only one Feed your perfect one tape is used for wood 1 used
  • 03:30: metal to Then clean the glasses Meadow not gone not seen each other in the handle I began to do understanding remained pure I will do first in wood work and then metal because metal still in wood his bride hope clearly explained by about raw materials for about raw materials sticks to the hilt I use the pear
  • 04:01: just such a great bolvanochka pear out of it, I'm going to do handle but now will stick to which knife Now the world be hot this branch of a pear
  • 04:30: I sawed off the end which when dry So he has cracked because these crack went narrative and sawed that's actually telling you about the length of the handle Now the original steaming up what is less square bar
  • 05:29: On this
  • 05:31: the original clumsy handling We will continue over process with the help of the planer Now we challenge get the main
  • 06:05: remember that it just and that's the moment of truth, we We received using planer here such great brusochek thanks which is how I became is our handle and now when help is
  • 06:30: great new tape grinder we would then my and should take we get something this type here that there type here this site
  • 07:21: Now when it starts are approaching our ancestral forms I'm here that's at the end of
  • 07:30: using a pen sketch the Oval to see the border of which I I can grind
  • 08:32: So handle willing to stay drill hole here put his blade and pour epoxy and then sell the handle wax using
  • 09:00: drills drill hole he but also we have all now stands already flying oxi hit and
  • 09:32: heavy eater