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  • 00:12: I'm sorry this is my place Sorry one more time everything is OK moron stage get out of here that shut up in spite of the I lift up my ass to regulation hell immediately for little
  • 00:33: Let's Move fat-won Sit down with us here it decided to respect his colleagues in the before you start I ask one question in Which of the license stockbroker in I have a diploma fine you too You can go that why do not we hire broker we train new such cases have already
  • 01:02: prompted pakuy things and get out So move on and deal I do not want to waste your time and I understand It requires you to do the same thing so I will becoming brief our employees company you earn Your First Million for 3 years, I clearly you repeat earn millions dollars for three years in film JT gauze and it's not, and you have it
  • 01:32: whether or not the question of whether how many times you do it I do think No kidding, I'm not joking millionaire It is unusual hear and even speak too unusual but I millionaire at my age 27 and that means I here it is not here They work mainly guys your age they we're out of luck
  • 02:01: I am very well work would otherwise have new long-Wuling new blood and you You make a lot much money you the future can feel it firm all you want money on color OK three soldiers who winter here call money the root of the evil they never I did not earn say that no money is not happiness and you look at my ear to ear smile you want details Okay I have a ferrari 350 I model
  • 02:30: but like a convertible I have a plague house in the suburbs stuffed with the best modern technology and most importantly all it is liquid short all this is possible but what is required of you it you must work as a damn this We need firm winners are scavengers remember it well we ask How long vacation in the first year of operation people are coming holiday
  • 03:00: work here on the one order to become rich damn rich Here we are not make friends and engaged in the protection of you need a nature vacation walk take a walk on the street so the first three months training will receive one hundred Fifty bucks week after you pass rate restraint if you kind manage become junior brokers open an account for their leader open 40 accounts
  • 03:31: You start work on Statement on the case for you I tell you a couple more evil your friends are parents friends will laugh at you and it normally $ 150 a week and too funny do not pay attention we need to understand this Business today is now then get license to forget about them Katchura georgia you say that earned 25 pieces for month and they will not but believe they went ass parents not like your style Life Fuck you mom Dad and look at them face when you
  • 04:00: give them a brand new lexus now go ladies think think about it fits you or if you decide that there is no no what is your choice and nothing embarrassed but thanks if you want it call Monday and we talk but only do not waste my time heart I finished