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  • 00:00: They say a woman for so many years as she looks as well as it looks for all provided by very simple things from hairstyles and make-up wardrobe according to legend, said her dentist two children in a field where in '44 but the woman It feels a maximum of 35 confident the only way to look younger plastic surgery but stylist claim the right hairstyle makeup wardrobe will help to chip 15
  • 00:32: s try to prove it practice, the first thing we put in order it is not recommended to dye his hair purity assessment because it It helps age against the background of all of us well so far the band is becoming younger Guberniev hairstyles all direct and they only accentuate age but and uneven bangs haircut ladder do younger by five years the second phase of Tehran during Make Up game
  • 01:02: Color light collector on a stretcher eyes picture nasolabial folds he make wrinkles invisible with the help of at gunpoint on the basis of how to adjust the stunned her tomorrow Pumps Novitsky projecting parts and functions of the chin and now receiving the attention that will help visually remove the latest weight This can be corrected
  • 01:30: aimed at using the forum detailed m³ otherwise light shade Krut'ko except us temple around the eye after the master over the fact that we was increased in the eyes of the heart is not charged with any acquisition plans in pencil if not then he According to the newspaper Izvestia bit Dushyn in the UPC f why are you beautiful liabilities
  • 02:00: look younger will help light shades to give an additional amount of traditional pencil line slightly above forms, the attention pencil should be the tone of lipstick tons makeup ready for another one of 5 years drug list select g no matter how confident daughter a mini skirt and bright talent that is necessary in this example, there was a short
  • 02:30: accumulated enough acid vivid quotes too many temples and that applies not only to look at the He, too, could not desirable on the third day, no one wanted to raise this step classic style bright scarf to refresh the complexion a properly selected set It makes the figure more slender and removes five more years NS landing using clothes contrast the easiest way to combine several shades one color e.g. fifth of Russians
  • 03:01: medium tank population more as well as inform and accessories right hairstyle makeup and wardrobe Well, that's all you need to look younger by 15 years, which try the changes will not take long Olga Medvedtseva convinced of this on your own Example yuliya Kolyadina Irina Nosenko vasyl Kradinov first channel