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  • 00:07: More a few words I want to talk about Unlike the night solo you are under mulch Water Rennes and movies potatoes should vertically with thread it falls back I was planted here and here all of it is here
  • 00:31: why because under mulch the soil is very friable and does not in itself keeps roots they turn inside and Mount unlike straw hold vertical of let's see how it looks natural and magnitude here's a look that's it then walking Leshke Now and here already
  • 01:04: carry gel spine rotten potato here it is, I half these here here began and here I began to bear fruit let's try athletic bag here it goes back to her, he go here choose so you just do not I believe this is from stalk he gave the fleet is
  • 01:34: usually begins another thread translation quarrel here out which is not this here Care see here here hence he is going is koreshochki and here just lay here
  • 02:01: potatoes that potatoes and here with all this potatoes with this peduncle try to see the farthest educate spine aion further question Both I never thought it's such a long and which is directly
  • 02:32: inside out Straw's this it's all part and all But his poppyhead down for some reason, so do not must be Now it's Kupavina spine connecting all torn off entirely I can not bear it
  • 03:00: certainly wash to see all this oh yeah where you also Now here he Mukhaev It takes no thought here he nails this I What I say to all because the idea that is not leaded roots can blossom New koreshochki from
  • 03:32: where new will stems is quite possibly it called he became the root of all but as you see it really did not he took but only this far and further on it already clearly Style note and a new bag potatoes on it already not sure it was the if that's this far it card that is That's what I sprout in
  • 04:01: mask As far as I remember it up from here and went then he became like this great if I here I put the whole potato, it is unlikely I I would like more express because from the roots of the card power
  • 04:32: oppress one another stolons catch greater mess me it is generally only March 1 table together, they currently it is one If the plant is usually where you look out 1 potato leaves many salons many will stalk the more the better potatoes As you can see one again It became a huge harvest I was very surprised I honestly I did not see the result
  • 05:00: because last year I I tried to box plant so that those koreshochki formed to the vertical part interior not fall asleep They said that it is necessary at least for a while yet shown in green leaves, if not seem green how he leaves you it turns out dig to a depth of there is a tuber meters
  • 05:31: the wrong they beating dies so planting high boxes where bad experiences and have I see horizontal the definition of interior failed failed a good experience good success bear zhrite even connects with the same koreshochki all here
  • 06:00: them the same spines but one of the grow Well Well, let us knead I bear in my I laid him on the box in the Each box of the two harvest bushes But in this I will start with his greatest potato harvest 3 means less bush
  • 06:41: more than five kilograms husband what 5 and the box itself 4 torso section given that I do not even I tried to keep your under the snow next potatoes
  • 07:01: by orders on line that this thread little greens without the hilling which has shut down out harbinger of this without drawer front 300 is not show or cisco Here is our map
  • 07:50: amazing parents at which very many such large
  • 08:07: I specifically chose not the largest and most the largest bushes big and small I must admit that me because it is the leader that there were planted
  • 08:37: but landing material to compare here boarding material on time thick site Now about I I thought a little bit I came to the conclusion that it is not should suffer this division is difficult
  • 09:00: store it, etc. planting under the mulch here a long time justified dig the soil of course not be so I refuse to first from reforging why weeding hilling obvious I give up and now I I will do only this is not the whole crop he went on a few potatoes I like it for its
  • 09:31: they perezimuet on the next year nothing I have not gone astray mulch because that he left to live a little less than another continue to collect very harvest and they are not planted not plow weed go for equipment my new