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  • 00:05: avast arrival on the Ukrainian business Channel Imam factor the first television program dedicated to this type of business as the network marketing m m factor is a program for City professionals ages and for those who completely unfamiliar with this type of business but Kochetova children tools direct sales a practical guide for beginners and assistant for already working in this sphere studio conversation Artem Nesterenko
  • 00:31: today we are talking about the laws of success and that how to become a successful small business, and firmly consolidate the children's summer positions as we know the work can not be uniquely bad or uniquely good suitably have a job and are not suitable Based on this principle they need and choose their own business unless of course they decide to seriously to do ma line is also the business with the most a real business that brought financial freedom to millions of people around the
  • 01:00: around the world all forces and multi-level marketing marketing on the court won forum marketing concept the sale of goods and services based on creation of a network of independent distributors sales agents each of which is in addition to the sales product also has the right to attracting partners and with similar rights with the income of each party networks consist of commission for the sale of products and additional awards depending on the volume of sales committed
  • 01:32: attracted them domestic subscribers but many channels are lightly which is why they never We did not succeed in this industry What is the first step to success each time coming to supermarkets dreams succeed even create a team earn a lot of money and time in spite of all our loved ones but the team is not make plans for real money, too, is no it seems to us that the examples of successful Company data tried one of the teams is not all
  • 02:00: able to attract only a great the number of awards we go to events with Car participation to create the conditions receipts in Dagestan forward when at last I will not reveal the secret of the city on shore magic words does not exist but is there knowledge that will lead us to the success of one of Ufa Business was we need to seriously as any standard business has not yet been persistently and constantly replenished stocks did not know, and then success will come necessarily as in any other business in many ways
  • 02:31: has its own rules and its own laws knowledge of them but to present this knowledge and teach people to believe in themselves and achieve success in any business can only be true professional and of course the successful man in the former Soviet Union Nikolai Lugansk the first Russian motivational speaker Philly successful coach and a handful of success Nikolai personal and whether there is a risk of personal student of Napoleon ethyl alcohol and jack century and after a further 5 10 years
  • 03:00: Nikolai Lugansky world authority and recognized leader Viktor Yanukovych, etc. low growth and success experimental water part of the curriculum when they pass thousands of people from all over the world and the activities of the city is not true success heading a short period It spreads to more than 30 countries to pass by his friends and colleagues the most authoritative world reward personal growth to achieve success in all areas of Europe are you
  • 03:30: You know if it is no secret and the quantum designed to Kaisarov mass Chamakh 1 ruble par before Previously, scientists have long needed immediately I rushed to remember and know about the possible case manager function Carnival worldwide initially g Nicholas firmly believe in life can succeed the only question is how and here it comes to the rescue specialized trainings and seminars
  • 04:00: for success they help to reduce road man to the goal and to bring them to life on a new level This is the best support countless success stories of students Nikolava Ottoman around peace Today 's program will share with Nicholas us their knowledge and experience of application laws of success in their own lives welcome Nikolai study Ukrainian Business Channel Well let's get right to our topic Nicholas you are not engaged in network marketing, but your training on your
  • 04:31: educational program comes a large number of entrepreneurs network marketing including the great examples of why it is so is for the simple reason that people when understand that in this world all are subject to the law and a certain order and if the laws of their right to know learn them to keep that success will come to life automatically and some people think that they have a center the universe
  • 05:00: which revolves around the earth it all around but the truth is that each of us has speck great big organism under It called a siren and it has a large the body if the laws of their order and if we act contrary to law and order this organism called the Seeds if we break these laws sanction Moscow begins work against us as a baking national organism and when a person has difficulty life and business, but what does it mean following the laws of the universe
  • 05:31: the whole universe comes to the rescue callouses since streams where success comes effortlessly and tell you all over the world gather huge halls people who come it is your program that makes people just come to your programs Educational I assume that Life is given to man to enjoy live easy to undo easily and one reason for that committee comes a huge number of people Hundreds of thousands of people at training seminars Now firstly it recommends people we are very
  • 06:00: few deal direct advertising huge more than seventy percent because we come recommendations and my task is to make so that the person come out and said training licked workshop began to achieve success easy to impotence and people actually reaches and success can be washed easy and simple, and perhaps in this It is the light I know how to do so to people come out and said well I knew had tools in a city in the form of the law's success begins applied life
  • 06:31: and that's all it is easy to obtain I did not answer in the network marketing and because that network marketing times is the largest number of people that 13 acquisition of new knowledge and the laws the success of this absolutely all the way of life of the low heat directly Now several laws success talk about several laws success but I would say that must press law and the transparency as the law thanks to Coventry networkers that come not only the middle of those SitiGid scheme the first place It starts very seriously
  • 07:01: win and their bodies start grow even as interest issue and why but transparency suggests that when we do true when we do not play when the pain is not trying to tell you that we already a millionaire though we go now meeting with our potential distributors on the bus or subway there are threads there between on-site passengers there next to him is I felt from the beginning of the young incubator it creates closeness between people intimacy is trust
  • 07:30: and trust is the fact that people are looking for when looking for a himself Statement or seller of services or the leader of the network company and transparency of the law is the law which often violated the network companies because people come to Network business it wants itself to impress potential distributors are come easily fingers waving it now people do not feel even if there is no I can not explain why they did not they trust and just feels any university so he was the first man of the law on
  • 08:01: which I would recommend and I'm ready, I would like What time would become a This transparency law I know hundreds have if not thousands of teachers that count start using the law of that transparency in business and in life reached incredible success simply a matter of week of the month after they aware of World posted to you whatever in Recommendations were given to these people who It is going through its best times business or who decided whining starting a business a lot of
  • 08:31: I myself with very great respect for business Yamal rights primarily for one simple reason I do not know any more than a strong trend personal growth project work small company staff of the company but it is not a product for sale not the name of the company not the results that we have him r n by using the products and services reached and in particular sold the personality and if a person who is not a business
  • 09:00: definitely not to blame for most of the company probably not the product companies not being able to change my sponsor the exact reasons for which the part students Region Natalia Zyryanov 300 human as a person so five people do not understand do not understand what to succeed in business you need to seagate person he does not work and so I believe that in network marketing unique opportunity before likely to grow as a person and success and then come in business and in money and in respect of their health in general all living areas of this idea make sense
  • 09:31: engaged in network marketing What are you as a person will Russia can grow every day if you want to ask a difficult shooting questions what I should do the next step in his development of the to me it took more than people I have bought more products to my and I have appeared in the structures other cities other countries it all depends on what the individuals and It is and please tell me the way here you tell me right now that there are so short mini training for our viewers in
  • 10:01: direct but I always speak to my colleagues Workshop resources from this started There are a number of success is the law controls our lives run business and but it all starts in life lugging sang Life begins with and understanding and awareness itself the main my understanding of the law success law absolute precision which suggests that in all haste and people responsible for thousand results tell everything if that does not suit them they say that I just I'm to blame
  • 10:31: and but they are the losers they always all that all the results are life before they believe they promise by Events, except for a well-known songs psychotherapist in France and at the same time explained the reform events plus boat still result I events on something that does not depend on us but we we can choose our response resonated on what happens in our lives deadlock will be the results so famous is that If you need to understand that if you
  • 11:00: get the sedan is to justify Article accusing hesitate or complain defending will avoid responsibility you argue one of these editions locality so now you lose structure and you lose blaming testing pity removed defend 5 avoids way resources are It leads to the fact that people become poor people are able to deduce their lives on a new quality level people can not Earn Money start following
  • 11:31: this article does not avoid the area and every time LVL catch myself on this structure approx decide that you and you alone are accountable for their results and guaranteed life very quickly change demonstration Thank you very much for your introduction tell Anna why people still most great throne afraid to come network marketing your opinion I do not know people who are afraid come back in March, they have people who
  • 12:00: They have some experience of the and most people have some experience of the Myliatyn often experience and I think that if the man who afraid to come to the network will Markin leader who will be able to create in an instant I trust this will not be artificially Confidence is not artificial sincerity but real and if the number of blood service person on his language of values ​​of the day telling machine ferrari have se Kostroma and so maybe it is
  • 12:32: very exciting but can be its greater value of his children and give them better education I believe that there is probably not a single person who would He refused to return and the possibility of service the one who ate offers and Transparency Act this is a very serious tool but it must first carefully work above oneself but for many network ports scary afraid to be yourself recognize the shortcomings that exist and to say I ebitda yet not so good that due to the rally
  • 13:01: people came start starting work on a private plane accustomed to and if the person only started work on a who held a fatherly people go people always go for those who are working are constantly who develops growing I will say that there are no people who would by all March there are people who doubt fear other people who are trying to tighten their network marketing thank Nicholas for his valuable advice and in time that many viewers for you use it on your recommendations This was Nikolai Lobanov boil and
  • 13:30: heaps of variety to the number one Russian-speaking space and our today's edition suits ends I note that once again network marketing Sulfur is too extensive and multifaceted to refer to the ambiguous positively or negatively, and I I hope that thanks to this program we can develop the negative stereotypes of both films business and those who share the phrase network marketing continue to cause fears I remind you that only a man is afraid
  • 14:00: he does not know the knowledge overcomes any fear you looked Maloyan factor and bright Nesterenko bid you farewell until the meeting Next Saturday February 12 on Vesti