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  • 00:00: Hello my friends themselves again Tang pattern of the first responsibilities of standing brick Coach coffee performances necessary say that the supply of and today's video for you on high Two thousand meters and we are now str mountain He called the fight off the lake gave a great bear which is California but on expert and this area is called the rank of these thieves Bernardino and we were here because yesterday we celebrate my wife's birthday and we decided to call in to leave tsogo
  • 00:32: personal advice Los Angeles agent finger ounce go on nature where a little cooler and here rest ourselves a rest from work or I spent the morning today one television channel STV in the 3rd grade, I heard the question from one of the participants platinum group are more about I do not want or I'm even afraid to put in high ambitious goal because I already many times higher a person knowing experts
  • 01:00: delivered many times burned and no longer fearfully playing with the account request, I remembered that in his life, I also very often put high unconsciously creation of transnational corporations about what will millionaire in six months, and is yet another a lot of many times I have too good bar quickly burned in results fall into a state of if no depressive stupid depressive and the next time was not afraid to put share goals facing hour I was afraid of a pack of goals
  • 01:30: and in this conversation, I paid a conversation recalled that the last ordered years we building a successful business subtleties feature but the current way we never become super mega They're with icons we set goals with a small but call and on very short notice in the three months to 6 months to a year maximum we of course if we do not know the prime minister at least one year in two five after 10 years but we never puts
  • 02:02: himself high end Just yesterday one single Khristenko He wrote me a letter and believes stabbing year ago when we organized a school Coaching in Kiev, there were only 18 people Kulikova our chili that will take place in two weeks more than two hundred people and I really stood out really it was only a year APOC probable price but then I realized while at the same time that a year ago I did not set myself the goal to carry out
  • 02:32: ring up to 200 people we set goals which are achievable for network you've heard, we're going to these goals cues thus we develop growing merchants before a few days ago, my wife Tanya He said that after say six months It will be September after half a year we organize training breakthrough to success in 500 after the game will be in the last place the success of which he was more than 100 people was one of 200
  • 03:00: human and it is also natural and logical vodichkoj p n developments if a year ago, I was told that I will be breakthrough success to Sochi Lokeren 200 people, I would be very surprised but I am not surprised today because our goals are all the measurable them all achieved all of them of course Union probably another one of my articles and success Now I've done a lot of mistakes Steel admits high personalities and
  • 03:31: but now we do not intend ever high ambitious goals we have High miso sign but we will never go impulses, or what we will trans national team can break away company we the company whether the company's billionaire millionaire it's too much it makes sense to work here and now puts achievable goal to work on yourself it reach those people who application and bidding starts business from what we declare and transnational
  • 04:00: company or our company billionaires although even more social how far it did not grow million and as a result these people are from a position to very soon submit a state of depression because another reality even as though they themselves do not want this center for the whole truth of their reality far does not correspond to a and this says and a result they have a very demotivation soon as a result of these people never lose your goals and in general in the ass to finish lead I want to say that what works
  • 04:31: short changed and achievements of my goal of the challenges in the three months to 6 months maximum maximum a maximum of one year is there any point enter the work state where you will reach the goal I am constantly on a daily basis it makes no sense to set themselves targets super ambitious I am trying to do something about the direction and understand how far you still have to work such as how much work still needs to to achieve as a result of state ALROSA Depression which then have to
  • 05:01: just very soon lower your arms spit on the case and leave the game when all I wanted to tell in this video from the California Mining assessment of the neighborhoods We know about Silo we owe for matching just two hours car and see you next thing until