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▶ Planck on a shelf. Set of loops and registration without seams. - YouTube\u000d\u000aWay of a set of loops of a product cloth for a planochka on shelves, registrations of an inlay of a mouth, a binding proym. At this way the seam on a wrong side of details is not formed; the quantity of the gathered loops on a level always corresponds to shelf height that gives an accurate type and magnificent landing of a thing. In the same way it is possible to gather loops for registration of cut of a mouth and knitting of a turn-down collar, a binding proym, a hood, pockets.  See details »

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  • 00:00: So we have with you set of loops planochki in general in ready condition it will look here and so more that I can tell you to offer as well, and sample we are look it looks That's how it is reverse side than good given what is good this method is the fact that on the back side No ototru Reputation and from set to face
  • 00:31: nesoznanku and so in what way are we do we have with you Region respectively edge loop number 1 in order to dial we do so it would have been without seam without you and hem We make a row hook from the front hand knit items bars without sc We will be with you to knit
  • 01:02: bars without sc in each an edge 1 loop column without sc in each an edge loop What good has this the way to here practically it is not necessary calculate quantity then recruited loop because as
  • 01:32: you understand both the number of sides edge it is identical with one of the other shelves so you always will be Lanochka very smooth without the two sides the number of loops 1 will be equally so number column without nakida we tied it front side Products here we you did respectively seamy side product that is will seamlessly Now and probably start
  • 02:02: loop gain is not cut the thread start gain from this here pigtails ie, expand on the wrong side Crochet first loop we with you already have then go here so we set We recruit from a far from that of the same pigtails recruit from near the loop of long loops of
  • 02:34: Near as we are that is, a set of it turns out that each formed loops we do two loops and recruit and then discharged at needles thus we will amount loops exactly on the number of loops in the ranks
  • 03:04: that we had to shelf because 1 as it is known bead loop is two rows we are recruited without column sc knitted each an edge loop therefore we obtained from each eyelet for the 2 loops there is one and I typed loop for each vertical row we are gathered some amount for convenience to We were given a more convenient
  • 03:35: we just choose reset it all on needles even threaded needle and to continue to further and near and far and neighbors
  • 04:06: far and near, and so until the end of the series in last loop You can only dial one because otherwise there will be a few days then it all again reset on the same shared needles and number recruited from loops We already have so they
  • 04:36: wherein the number y you like from this side and from this side it is you the same is formed such a small he golosochek in fact does not spoil even the general form somehow cute looks to recruit It can be from any okay like openwork and gladen initially you formed a small here's number
  • 05:06: these here do not even holes as the picture such then it is a total difficulty will visible and farther you continue to knit This same thread the most common planochki making the method loops which is convenient to you the first loop I provyazyvayu can not provyazyvat continue 11 then went gum after provyazyvaniya the right amount rows to the width
  • 05:37: planochki consistent you planned then the width I close close needle easiest classical planochka way in I have enough very flexible and the most beautiful the main thing that is not It requires counting 5 counting of loops and It is always the same of 2