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  • 00:00: hello today cook cake Madonna cake Madonna made from honey custard Test and oil cream with caramelized condensed milk it is very tasty and unusual in a bowl break 4 add the eggs 700 3 grams of sugar 3 tablespoons of honey tablespoons
  • 00:31: butter adding three teaspoonfuls baking soda canceled three teaspoons 5 percent vinegar or lemon juice instead of soda can add 2 teaspoons spoon of baking powder mix the resulting mixture was cook in a water bath for 40 45 minutes occasionally stirring remove bowl from
  • 01:03: waterbath and cooling the adding 500 grams sifted flour rapid knead the dough if the dough has turned In your opinion with liquid you can give a little bit flour immediately begin cook cakes not letting the dough to cool in the pan lined with paper baking set ring diameter 28
  • 01:34: centimeters inside ring put eighth part prepared test soaking the hands in water molding a thin cake remove the ring and we send a baking Bake in the oven preheated oven at temperature 200 degrees Celsius 57 minutes We take out the finished cake
  • 02:05: from the oven and, together with paper passed on to wooden board and We give so cool bake cakes 8 When cakes are cool with They are easily removed can not paper each stack cakes Now on the other prepare oil with boiled cream condensed milk in mixer bowl we place 500 grams soft butter
  • 02:36: whisk in the butter high speed incandescent gradually adding oil boiled condensed milk and continue whisk until lush and dense just add cream 800 grams of cooked condensed milk We proceed to the assembly Madonna on the cake meal which
  • 03:06: We will collect the cake or special We put a cake stand it lubricates layer cream on top of the second cake layer and again cream, etc. turn all 8 cakes daubed the sides and cake with cream top We leave the cake on day for Firmware a day decorate cake decorate it in according to your
  • 03:36: taste and imagination you can sprinkle restore any chopped I sprinkle nuts sides of cake petals almonds cake and decorate the top butter cream prepared from 100 grams of cream recipe butter cream you on our Online or in Russian section creams
  • 04:06: Ready cake passed on to dish and serve to holiday table on our website or in Russian video KVN aria. RF you will find recipes and other cakes of honey test inspiration luck good mood and
  • 04:37: pleasant cling