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  • 00:12: before the beginning painting and decorating We need to make sure that wall strictly vertical are not serious defects cracks and irregularities otherwise should conduct alignment horizontal and vertical surfaces cement plasters can be used a room with a different
  • 00:30: the level of humidity or for outdoor use plaster products we recommend apply for house work dry areas start work you need to training base surface Substrate should be strong carefully purified from dirt and dust and other substances would weaken clutch plaster solution with a base before applying solution surface base necessary moisten they are evenly or
  • 01:01: highly absorbent surface foam concrete old brick laying process Primers, deep penetration for cooking solution is necessary take a right amount of water
  • 01:30: exact amount water for cooking solution specified in empty packaging mixture in water mixed with a construction mixer or a drill with special nozzle to obtain smooth sustain and technological pause five or ten minutes for curing solution important to keep the right amount time solution maturation that the solution I bought all essential qualities then a solution of mixed again after
  • 02:00: repeat mixing solution ready for application save all declared properties for certain time indicators viability solution in open container each product su solution was applied to base or apply our anointing them movements Bottom-up starting with bottom wall further leveled Rules layer thickness applied for a passage should not exceed specific values ​​that recommended manufacturer
  • 02:34: by gridanii need then talk about readiness taketh him master shape after Initial setting plaster surface slightly moisten the wipe spongy float and live down metal poluterkom
  • 03:06: if necessary plastering in several layers on surface yet solidified first layer recommended make a notch plaster crest or a notched trowel and then dried surface but not earlier than apply a second day a layer of plaster before applying the next layer Make sure that previous layer hardened tool purified water immediately
  • 03:30: after use prepare under the surface final Shpatlevanie color wallpapering or tiling you can help plaster mixture and to call on the topic of plaster cement-base I LHP 30 th to 50 m m cement-lime plaster with light filler plaster gypsum-based I like even the 20th century, too, 40 Thou also 40 volt from Thou
  • 04:00: 50 also in the processing of mineral bases for the purpose reduce absorbency abilities use universal primers and tough and well 200 or primers deep Thou penetration gs300 deep and with as He-400 antiseptic for processing mineral grounds use weatherproof impregnation of the alleged 100 potter about the object to the perfect finish alignment plastered surface use
  • 04:30: gypsum putty Thou and how a200 yak ca-300 I like a400 does a500 cement putty supposedly already 30 and kvh 80 polymer putty i k l e r a p